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‘DEATH SQUARED’ Players Attempt to Cooperate But Blow Up Instead… Repeatedly


Disclaimer: I love blowing up robots. The virtual kind that is. Don’t really have the money to go around building physical units or the means by which to make them go kaboom. Fortunately it seems cooperative multiplayer puzzler (there’s a mouthful!), DEATH SQUARED, has me covered as based on available footage… players blow up more than they work together. Tell me that doesn’t just sound like the best time with a friend or two (or three)?

No, really. Didn’t you know that people tend to screw each other over more often than not, given the chance, in video games where they’re meant to actually do, you know, the exact opposite? Man, you’re missing out on… oh right, this is supposed to be about DEATH SQUARED. Hmm… come to think of it, perhaps casualties in this are more reliant on the skill of each individual, than that of your teammates?As if. Just look at the gameplay clip at the bottom of this article. Yeah. “Cooperation”. Ha!

That said, you won’t be able to beat a level, however much fun you may be having not working towards that goal, unless you communicate, coordinate and of course, cooperate. As a team; a well-greased wheel, if you will. A team of up to four greased-up wheels in control of tiny robots, tasked with reaching the exit in, well, quite a few levels, actually. The ‘how’ part is up to players to figure out, although keep in mind that a plan is only as goo– oh crap, spikes.

That last bit – or something similar – followed by a level reset, is likely something you’ll either be hearing, saying, or both, a lot, as spikes and other obstacles litter your path to… freedom? Or something else entirely. We won’t truly know until “Early 2017”, as that’s when SMG Studio plans to release DEATH SQUARED on Xbox One and Windows (the latter via. Steam). Very groovy. Hopefully.

Update: out now on Steam and Xbox One!

Death Squared – Announce Trailer