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2012: Dear Esther, Video Game – 2016: Dear Esther, Stage Play


While fans and critics may never be in complete agreement as to whether Dear Esther is actually a video game or simply what gave birth to the ‘walking simulator’ genre, there’s no denying that it was a quality title. A title which, this October, will be hitting the stage, complete with live actors, a narrator and of course, Jessica Curry’s popular soundtrack. Groovy? Hopefully!

I can’t even begin to imagine how a game like this would translate to a live play, although something tells me it’ll be downright brilliant – if you’re a fan of the source material at least. That or… a big theater-goer. Oh and it’s in London. Plane tickets aren’t super pricey these days though. Just saying. And chances are this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness a game turned into a stage play. So there’s that too.

Dear Esther quickly gained critical acclaim for abandoning traditional gameplay in favour of atmosphere, rich storytelling and extraordinary art, proving videogames are capable of the same musical, narrative and artistic expression as film, literature and classical music.

For more information, as well as of course, ticket acquisition (£22.50 + booking fee), head over to the Barbican website. Curtain rise is at 7:30pm UK time, on October 14, at the Milton Court Concert Hall. Will you be attending this rather unusual adaptation of Dear Esther?

Dear Esther – Official Trailer

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