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DailyIndieGame Bundles Greenlight With ‘1Quest’, ‘Unhack’, ‘Tiamat X’ Front and Center

IndieGameDaily Greenlight

Well well well… it’s bundle time again, with Greenlight stealing the spotlight as usual! Ain’t Groupees or Indie Royale this time though, as for once, it’s DailyIndieGame who’s gone all green. Or something along those lines. Anyway, cheap indie games, and as always, remember to vote, eh?

Alright, $0.99 for six games, all of which are on Greenlight, and Desura keys for the lot. Could always spend more if you’re the generous sort, as beating the average will get ya a second key. Neat, eh? About as simple as it gets. No extras to unlock and no constantly changing price tag. So be sure to vote, or else… OR ELSE!


1Quest (Windows, Mac – Desura) Greenlight
You got 7 days before he can start his evil ritual to summon an ancient demon from the sacrificing of the children. Each region of the realm contains some dangerous place where you can find various help and you can choose your own path to choose your rewards. But do not lose time, if you want to save all the children…


Unhack (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura) Greenlight [coverage]
Unhack is an action puzzle x visual novel title featuring a story about greed and self acceptance. The 5K Worm is corrupting the digital world. Battle the virus and discover who is behind these crimes. Meet ally and enemy AI throughout this ten episode journey.

Tiamat X

Tiamat X (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura) Greenlight
Featuring six levels of intense shooting action, Tiamat X is a rip-snortin tribute to the side-scrolling shooters of yesteryear, and would be right at home blazing away on the screen of a booming, beer-stained arcade cabinet. As such, your PC will have to do, and it is much to the designer’s regret that he can’t plumb a coin-slot into his rig for that truly authentic seaside amusement-park experience.

Radical Heroes

Radical Heroes (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
Radical Heroes pays homage to the classic beat’em ups of the past with its simple pick up and play style, while giving you the experience you crave. Plow through endless hordes of enemies while you try and stop Eyeclopse from taking over Crimson City.

Evy: Magic Spheres

Evy: Magic Spheres (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
Orphan Evy wakes to find herself in a fairytale kingdom under threat from an evil witch. Beyond the witch, monstrous creatures roam the land, from werewolves and evil rabbits to goblins and much, much worse. With the help of new friends and the magic of her special spheres, Evy has to save the land. In puzzle duels, she must match 3+ spheres in endlessly-shifting puzzle chains to unlock her powers and defeat the creatures.


Power-Up (Windows – Desura) Greenlight [already greenlit]
Spanning vibrant locations to a monster soundtrack, Power-Up thrusts you into battle with a diverse range of fighters, freighters and titanic level guardians. If you loved retro SHMUP classics like R-Type, Hellfire or Project-X, you’ll get a real kick out of Power-Up’s slick, detailed visuals, challenging gameplay and impressive arsenal of weapons.

You’ve got 20 days and 2 hours to pick up DailyIndieGames’ Super Bundle 6, before it’s gone… forever!