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Point ‘n Click to Examine Milda’s Uncanny Inheritance in ‘Crowns and Pawns’… Soon!

It is often said that the smallest changes can turn your entire world upside down, and for Milda, that’s definitely the case in Crowns and Pawns, terrible news arriving in the form of a letter. See, as fate would have it, her grandfather has passed away, leaving her to inherit not only his house, but also every last one of his belongings. A house bound to be full of mystery and intrigue, just waiting for someone to explore it, I’d wager!

Or maybe not. Hard to say as very little is known about the game at this point, although the developer does emphasize how “Milda’s life is about to make a surprising and adventurous turn”, so… maybe? I’m going to remain hopeful in any case, because there’s nothing quite like a bit of spooky inheritance drama (in video games, that is). Who knows, perhaps her grandfather secretly dabbled in the occult?

Crowns and Pawns is an adventure inspired by a rich history of Lithuania and its significance to Europe in the late middle ages. The narrative of the game blends legends and myths of the past with a vibrant and dynamic setting of the modern life.

See? Right there, straight from the Lithuanian developer: “legends and myths”. Supernatural stuff! That’s pretty much all the details I’ve managed to find regarding this upcoming point ‘n click adventure, though. Not even a release date or a trailer. Just minor tidbits, planned platforms, and a website (linked below) for Crowns and Pawns.

Crowns and Pawns is heading for Steam and Xbox One, with a TBD release date.