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‘CrossCode’ 0.7 Thickens the Plot With Story Additions, Quests and… a Book?

CrossCode (Early Access)

It may have been in Early Access for more than a year now, but you know what they say: good things come to those who wait, and with each update, that certainly seems to hold true for CrossCode. Twenty-eight of them so far, the latest of which finally extends the story, on top of adding a frequently requested quality-of-life feature in the form of, well, a book.

Not one meant for reading though, as much as keeping track of all them darn traders in the game, granting players easy access to knowledge regarding who’ll buy what, how much  they’ll pay, and so on. Still gotta do the meet-and-greet legwork first though, but a list is a list and lists are great; the power of information and all that.

While interesting for sure, the Trader Book hardly compares to being able to progress the plot further, and 0.7 includes almost an entire chapter and a half more content. New characters to interact with, locales to explore, likely with at least a bit of asskicking to do, at some point or other. Good stuff. Oh and even though 0.8 is still far from being ready, the promise of “a buckload of content” is still pretty darn enticing. Not as much as the version number reading 1.0, obviously, but… even so.

(Source: CrossCode 0.7 Release!)

CrossCode [Early Access] is available from Steam, at $19.99.

CrossCode Indiegogo Trailer 60fps