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Let’s Get It Kickstarted: ‘Crime Code’

In a way, I’m kinda glad to not be living in Crime Code‘s version of New Chicago. I mean, it is “the first Internet city”, which is an undeniably big deal. But at the same time… everything – and everyone(!) – is part of a global network. Needless to say, this is simply a recipe for disaster, which is where you come in, a cynical detective who’s come to town right in the middle of the 1970s Mayor election.

This here protagonist, one Martin Gray, is not your trenchcoat-wearing old-school detective, however, well-versed in the art of cyberspace navigation. Probably explains how he’s so good at his job as having access to corners of the internet not meant for prying eyes doesn’t exactly hurt when trying to gather information on secretive characters; basically, he’s a hacker. But at the same time, he’s a good guy. No really. Much like his friend Stephen, who recently had the misfortune of getting gunned down in his office. Cue dramatic music.

Needless to say, Martin is immediately on the case, letting nothing stand in the way between him and whoever pulled the trigger, law and rules of society be damned. Time to collect evidence, read e-mails, piss people off until they agree to give up valuable information, and… basically… do detective work. Fortunately for you, and unfortunately for the bad guy(s), in a city where everything is available online, no one is safe from someone like Martin. No one. Will you play the bad cop, the good cop, somewhere inbetween, lie, cheat and/or steal, or… well, what? Plenty of opportunities for a varied work process here, far as I can tell.

Is it alright to break the law to catch a dangerous maniac?
What will you say to a criminal holding a child at gunpoint?

Alas, while Crime Code does sound like a good time, there’ll be none of that unless its Kickstarter goal is reached: $1,858 of $12,000 has been pledged at the time of writing, with 44 days to go. Plenty time left, but a lot of money also remains, and since Kickstarter is ‘all or nothing’, if the goal is not reached, no funding. Not even a single cent of it. Now, with a release planned for “the second half summer 2018”, giving them little time once the Kickstarter concludes to wrap everything up and ship the $15 detective tale. Whether they will be able to do it, or if delays will end up being a thing, remains to be seen. For now though, what say we get it kickstarted?

Crime Code Kickstarter

Crime Code – Short Trailer

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