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Explore, Evolve and Strive to Survive the Mysterious Sandbox RPG That Is Crea


In the beginning, there was nothing… which is pretty much how Crea begins too. But don’t worry, for soon enough your strength will grow, as equipment powerful enough survive the terrifying inhabitants of this new, strange world is acquired. A world in need of exploration. A world which will be different each time you play. A world… full of secrets and lore.

Now, at first glance, Crea may seem awfully familiar to Terraria players, but upon closer examination, it becomes clear that there’s more to it than a mere cloning attempt, what with a skill system, complex crafting, and so on. Combat is more involved too, players able to perform dodge rolls and timed shield blocks to mitigate damage. Certainly different enough to co-exist, the two.

Embark on an adventure with what little you have and discover what the world of Crea has to offer. Through each action, improve your talents and master many skills. Through each victory, grow in strength and shape yourself. Through each inquiry, unlock new items to craft and build. Through each expedition, explore new realms and uncover Crea’s lore.

On top of that, there’s also research and dungeon delving to, uh… delve… into. This is where aforementioned equipment will truly come into play, for the world of Crea is dangerous. Very dangerous. Oh and beyond that which is immediately available lie even more hazardous realms. Full of treasure… maybe?

So, hope ya like exploring and fighting, because as you’ve likely realized by now, there’ll be a lot of both in this sandbox RPG. Onward, to victory!

Crea is available from Steam, carrying a $14.99 price tag.

Crea Release Trailer

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