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‘Cloud Chap’ Impressions: Where Your Jumpiness Determines Level of Spikiness

Cloud Chap

Oh boy. Jumping once too many will trigger the wrong spikes, leaving you with nowhere to land, while not being bouncy enough won’t make the other color disappear – the ones you actually want to be rid of… temporarily. Cloud Chap is one of those platformers that require both precision, timing and memorization, for without pattern recognition, you won’t make it through them colored spike-mazes!

When it comes to precision platformers, for some reason, it seems spikes are pretty much a mandatory inclusion. Why, I’ll never understand, but at least this game uses them for more than just your basic death trap, so there’s that. See, while you’re able to jump as much as you want, this seemingly overpowered ability does comce at a cost: jumping once activates/deactivates purple spikes, twice triggers yellow, triple jumps flick the orange switch, and so on. It’s a clever twist, and one that makes an otherwise generic platformer quite entertaining, not to mention bloody difficult.

This is the story of Cloud Chap. In his dreams, he likes to break the platformer rules with his infinite jumping ability.

Needless to say, each level is designed to take advantage of this, forcing you to pull off crazy acrobatics to trigger – or avoid triggering – spike walls. Since dying is such a common occurrence, it’s a good thing that the levels aren’t overly long, as otherwise, I have a feeling fun might rapidly turn into frustration instead. But hey, why take my word for it? Go ahead and point your browser towards the Nitrome Jam 2014 website – experience Cloud Chap for yourself!

Cloud Chap (Nitrome Jam 2014) gameplay