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Lovecraftian Adventure Chronicle of Innsmouth Awaits, Shrouded in… Darkness

Word of mouth is a funny thing, and in this case, it’s pretty much how everything starts, its protagonist catching wind of Innsmouth, a sea city clouded in mystery – with its very own cult, of all things! Because… those are always fun and never ever dangerous or evil, right? That and, seeing how Innsmouth originated in a H.P. Lovecraft story, hardly a great vacation spot. Even more so since both the famous author and the creator of Chronicle of Innsmouth describe it as ‘decaying’. Then again, who doesn’t love an uncanny – and slightly hazardous – mystery?

Oh right, I should probably mention that the aforementioned cult is connected to your family. Somehow. In some weird way. A really weird way, I’d wager, going by the overall tone of this pointy and clicky tale. I mean, does the cult consist of relatives, or is the connection of a less sinister nature? And on the topic of unsettling, well, topics: who knows what else this quirky little town is hiding? The questions are many, the answers few, but one thing is certain – you’ll have to dig deep and get your feet more than a little wet to get anywhere this time. Perhaps even a bit too wet for comfort.

Investigate, gather information, and solve enigmas in order to reach the spooky Innsmouth, and maybe even find an answer you don’t want to hear…

That said, at least you’ll be looking at some rather lovely pixellated scenery while you go about exploring, asking all kinds of questions, likely resulting in all kinds of trouble. The official description does emphasize how the player will be facing “many grotesque and paradoxical situations” after all, and really, an adventure of this sort wouldn’t be the same without a proper sense of dread and despair. So be sure to watch your step as you take in the scenery, chatting up the locals for clues as to what the deal is with that ‘Innsmouth’ place. If you absolutely must know…

Chronicle of Innsmouth is available from Steam, at $7.99.

Chronicle of Innsmouth #1 Steam Trailer

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