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Charity-Centric Bundle In A Box Announced With Indie Dev Grant

Indie Dev Grant

Wow. The last Bundle In A Box ended not long ago, yet another is already in the making. Looks like someone’s working overtime on the creation of cardboard boxes these days. On a more serious note, this time, Kyttaro Games is putting together a charity-centric bundle, and… that’s all they were willing to share. But hey, that means there’s a new Indie Dev Grant!

At some point they might actually let me in on the secret of its contents, ahead of launch. Now’s not that time though. In fact, I don’t even know which charity it will be supporting. What is known however, is that there’s a new Indie Dev Grant (IDG), so let’s focus on that instead, seeing how that is the point of this particular piece and all.

As has been the case with every effort prior to this one, the IDG is a developer thing, whereas the bundle itself is for the gamers. More specifically, getting one lucky developer – solo or team, doesn’t matter – funding for his/her/their creation. See, each bundle purchase lets you cast a vote on a single IDG participant, and once it [the bundle] has run its course, the winner gets some financial aid. Exactly how much is determined by sales figures, with every 100 adding another $15 to the prize.

Collegia won last time, but who will be come out on top in this one? Only time (and your votes) will tell.

Each game or project will be presented on the BIAB Blog, our tumblr, facebook, google plus page and twitter and, of course, on the Indie Dev Grant site.

Seeing how submitting your game is free and gets you some free exposure to boot, I’d highly recommend participating. It’d quite frankly be silly not to, considering what’s at stake! Just remember that the deadline is December 1, 2013, and be sure to read the rules first. While not overly complex, they exist for a reason.

Remember: if you want to buy/support just one bundle, let it be the one that comes in a box!