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‘Catlateral Damage’ Kickstarter: Help a Mischievous Feline Make a Huge Mess

Catlateral Damage

Let’s face it, making a mess and destroying everything in sight is always fun, no exceptions. Throw in the fact that Catlateral Damage lets you play as a pissed off house cat on a rampage, and I’d say the entertainment factor’s instantly cranked up to eleven. Knock down a couple of books, smash that fancy TV, maybe break a few plates for good measure – teach your owner a lesson!

Now, when last I wrote about this game, it was in a much simpler state. One room, one mode and no FOV slider to be found. But that was more than six months ago, and you better believe the game’s changed a lot since. The latest build lets you go crazy, either trying to accumulate 30,000 points within a time limit, knocking over 100 objects (again, within a time limit), or simply jump into the litter box where there’s no time limit or silly locale restrictions. Swipe left, right and punch… EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!

But as much fun as Catlateral Damage is in its current state, I – like many other people – want it to be, well, more. Fortunately for us, the developer’s willing to accommodate our wishes, and as such, has launched a Kickstarter to help fund further development of this cat crazy chaos simulator. At the time of writing, $11,778 of $40,000 have been pledged, with 24 days on the clock. Definitely not an impossible meo– mission.

This messy room is a merely a prelude to the destruction you’ll cause as a cat.

While the current build revolves entirely around destruction, the plan is to make the full game much more, with a significantly larger playable area to boot (lots and lots of houses to wreak havoc in!). Oh and of course, it will all be procedurally generated, so forget about trying to memorize which path to take for the highest score. Wouldn’t personally want to live in a house that changes its layout every time I wake up, but hey, video game.

Pre-order tier is $12, with $20 granting beta access (note: requires Steam), although as is often the case with crowdfunding, I’m sure some are willing to dig even deeper. In fact, cat owners willing to spend $400 get to play as their own pet in the game! A lot of money, sure, but an awesome tier no less. So what say we get this game kickstarted? Deadline’s July 12, 2014 at 12:00am CEST.

Catlateral Damage – Alpha Gameplay v5.0a