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Sorcery! Part 3 Review

Sorcery! Part 3
It's time to continue your quest for the fabled Crown of Kings, in this third part of the Sorcery! Quadrilogy. Time to traverse dangerous landscapes in search of seven deadly serpents. Spells will be cast, weapons flailed about wildly, something something tough decisions and swift death. Yours, unless caution is exercised, at which point evil will have won. So do try to avoid dying, eh?
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Brushwood Buddies Review

Brushwood Buddies
In Brushwood Buddies, you're almost always either crafting or destroying, in order to create something else. Craft a tree and you'll get either an apple or a stick, while doing the same to a rock yields either flint or grindstone. So far so simple, right? Yeah, but… you ain't seen nothing yet. Soon you'll be crafting and destroying stuff back and forth, again and again, to make fishing rods, campfires and even different animals!
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Super Flippin’ Phones Review

Super Flippin' Phones
Little known secret: I absolutely hate when people wander the mall, staring at their phones, giggling to themselves, not caring about anything but social media updates or cat videos. It's ridiculous. Fortunately, the recent release of Super Flippin' Phones has enabled me to vent my frustration, flippin' phones out of people's hands to warn them about... well, whatever, because video game. It's quite entertaining too - until you get caught by a mall cop. Those jerks.
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Sorcery! Part 2 Review: Trapped In the City of Kharé

Sorcery! Part 2
Having trekked through the Shamutanti Hills, it is now time to face the city of Kharé in Sorcery! Part 2. An easy enough task, if not for the fact that it's inhabited by scum, low-lifes and troublemakers, and... something about the north gate being locked by magical means. Because there's apparently no catching a break for the series' protagonist. A hunt for clues it is then! Clues with which to open that accursed gate so that I may proceed into the lands beyond Kharé - or die trying.
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Sorcery! Part 1 Review: Exploring The Shamutanti Hills

Sorcery! Part 1
With naught but a blade in one hand and a book of cryptic spells in the other, a great quest awaits; one which has you traversing the Shamutanti Hills, in search for the lost Crown of Kings! It won't be easy and many difficult choices await, in this first part of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! quadrology. But he who dares, wins... right? Or maybe you'll perish in a snake pit, never to be heard from again. Grand adventures are rarely for the faint of heart, and this one's no exception.
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Pixel Galaxy Review

pixel galaxy
See all those pixels? They're out to kill you. Every last one of them. What a pain, eh? So... why not turn them over to your side? No really, and it's actually quite a simple task: make contact and they'll latch onto your ship, expanding your arsenal and in turn, your odds of survival in Pixel Galaxy. That is, save for a select few which are much too set in their ways. Careful around those.
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Defend The Highlands Review

defend the highlands
It's time to once more hide behind flipped tables as you fire up the bagpipes, recruiting more and more Scottish warriors to your cause, each powered by... porridge. No really. Someone has to stop the English invasion of Scotland in Defend the Highlands after all, and unsurprisingly, that tasks has fallen upon you, assisted by the battle-hardened pub owner Alfredo (among other).
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6180 the moon Review

6180 the moon
Since the dawn of time, eventually, the Moon is required to give way to the sun. That’s just the way it is, and that’s not about to change. Although in the case of 6180 the moon, the sun is gone! But… gone rogue, gone missing, or simply gone? Well, anyway, whatever the case, your job – as the Moon – is to find out what happened, and hopefully bring the sun back, restoring the natural order of things.
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Savant – Ascent Review

savant ascent
One orb. One messed up, malicious orb, is all it took. Savant was having a great ol' time until that darn orb came around and messed up his tower, almost literally turning the entire thing against him! Curses. Needless to say, this simply can not stand, so steady that aim, because it's time to blast some bad guys in Savant - Ascent, while unlocking... power-up... CDs? Wait, what?!
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BIT.TRIP Fate Review

bit.trip fate
CommanderVideo is back in action, ready to blast bad guys and save the day! That said, his actions are actually rather limited in this sixth BIT.TRIP installment. So much in fact, that all he can do here is glide along a pre-determined path and shoot. Nothing else. Doesn't stop him from looking cool while doing his job though, even if it takes some getting used to, sliding along like that in a twin-stick-ish bullet hell. So weird.
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Just Get Through Review

just get through
"Just Get Through", the game told me. Yeah. Okay. A (wall) jump here, some TNT there, and then it's on to the next level. Right? Nope. Floor spikes, gun turrets, sawblades - some of which even move - and other environmental hazards turn a simple task into a genuine challenge. A stylish, fast-paced and fun challenge... but a challenge nonetheless.
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80 Days Review: Around the World, Steampunk Style!

My name is Passepartout, the year is 1872, and while the following statement may seem a tad ridiculous, I have in fact just accompanied my master, Phileas Fogg, on his attempt to circumnavigate the globe within 80 days. The journey was full of daunting choices and experiences, each leading to an event of sorts to be dealt with. Some perilous, other profitable, while some... are best described as 'genuinely exciting'. What an adventure!
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Lumini Review

After venturing off to who knows where for thousands of years, the ancient race known as lumini returns to their home world… only to find time has turned it into a rather hostile, uninhabitable place. This simply can not stand, so they take it upon themselves to bring back what once was, determined to restore its former glory, or die trying!
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Goscurry Review: Fast, Faster… Funnest!

Left, right, right, left, jump, dodge… CRASH! That pretty describes my early attempts at playing Goscurry, as its seemingly endless roads are just full of surprises. Turning to stay on track as the path curves - hardly challenging. But throw in obstacles that require either jumping or side-stepping to avoid a rather explosive outcome of ship-meets-wall however, and the difficulty ramps up significantly. Also, your ship doesn't have any brakes installed. Groovy.
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Inferno 2 Review: Twin-Stick Shootin' Re-Evolved

At first, everything was simple and manageable, with barely any opposition. A few enemies here and there in need of some gunfire-to-the-face - hardly enough to make me break a sweat. But then, little by little, their numbers grew, along with what they were packing, to suddenly find myself surrounded by colorful explosions as shots went flying left and right. Or put differently, Inferno 2 is fun, fast, furious, and so very stylish! Groovy.
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Without Within Review: The Art of Calligraphy

While most artists have little in common, their goal doesn't really differ, in that they all want to be appreciated for their creation(s) on some level. Vinty, the protagonist in Without Within, is no different, and... well, she's having a hard time getting noticed. Doesn't help that her choice of craft is calligraphy either, as this is, quite frankly, a niche hobby.
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Kung Fury: Street Rage Review

Remember how Hitler utilized tanks, firearms, politics and so on to wage war back in the day? Well, imagine if instead, he was this super powerful, still genuinely evil, martial artist. Still with me? Good, because in Kung Fury: Street Rage, a rather simplistic brawler, you - Kung Fury - have been sent back in time to thwart his evil kung fu schemes. Time to kick some nazi ass, 1980s arcade style (wait, what?).
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The Journey Down: Chapter One Review

Bwana and Kito, owners of a gas station in Kingsport Bay, are down on their luck in The Journey Down: Chapter One. Power's been cut because they didn't pay the bill and no power means no customers, which means… no money (see where I'm going with this?). But all is not lost, as a long-lost journal might provide what they need to get out of this mess: a grand adventure, gas station be damned!
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99 Waves to Die Review: Back to the 80's…

It wasn't immediately obvious as my enemies would explode for the longest time, having barely entered my line of sight. In fact, this one-sided battle went on for quite some time, but then it dawned on me: I was up against impossible odds. One tiny ship, taking on a seemingly infinite supply of hostile… things. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed eventually, but rest assured, I went down fighting!
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Unhack:Destruction Review: the Bittersweet Unhack Prequel

Before Unhack, there was Unhack:Destruction. No Weedy, no Unhacker. Instead, you'll be dealing with the team of A², her overprotective sister, Proto A, and Mrs. Director, their faceless superior. One thing that hasn't changed during this trip into the distant past is the 5K Worm threat, as it is very much an issue here too. One you'll have to deal with in the usual puzzle x visual novel style, by… unhacking!
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Cat Goes Fishing Review: Drop Bombs and Mess With Rockets to Even the Ocean

Based on the title and/or description of certain games, they really don't seem all that great, and yet... some are. Cat Goes Fishing is a great example of this, as prior to playing, I was convinced it was simply some gimmicky thing. Boy was I glad to be proven wrong in this case, as the darn thing actually cranks fishing up to 11, complete with bombs, rockets and a fully featured upgrade system.
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The Sun and Moon Review

Originally created for Ludum Dare 29, The Sun and Moon has since been expanded heavily upon, now featuring more than 150 different levels of platform-phasing action. See, in this game momentum is key, and the only way to preserve it, is... well, diving into the ground! It's every bit as strange as it sounds, but fortunately, also quite easy to get the hang of.
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Polaritron Review: Color Flipping Bullet Hell

Hope your reaction skills are up to snuff, because in Polaritron, you either match the color of incoming bullets or... lose. Not like there's any way to win though, given its arcade-y design, but without passing the score threshold, you won't be able to unlock more modes. So do your country proud and flip that core (circle), soldier!
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