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‘Ice Escape’ Preview: Puzzle a Trio of Prehistoric Creatures to Safety

In order for this uncanny trio to escape the glacier, teamwork is mandatory. Peter is the only one who can swim, Mohawk can push boulders, and Tori… let’s just say she has a way with fire. Remember: no prehistoric creature is more important than the other, make the most of their abilities, plan accordingly, and maybe you’ll be able to slide safely through Ice Escape.
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This SHMUP Mixes Old and New: ‘Humans Must Answer’ Alpha Preview

Humans Must Answer
You’re the pilot of a ship called The Golden Eagle and with a crew of intelligent chickens, who.. wait, what?! Ha! That’s definitely original, if nothing else (maybe a bit crazy too). An attempt to establish contact with mankind in the Solar system goes horribly wrong, as is met with nothing but anger and hostility, leaving you with no choice but to defend yourself and counter-attack. I’ll never understand why we humans are always such warmongers, but it does make for a perfect fit in this SHMUP from Sumom Games, so I guess war is good for something.
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‘Snayke’ Revives an Arcade Classic With Puzzles and Multiplayer (Preview)

In case you're not familiar with the classic Snake game, which Snayke is based on, you play as a snake, tasked with eating dots that each further extend the length of your body. It's not as simple as simply moving around, going 'gobble gobble' through the dots though, because eating them extends the length of your body, and any collision - including with that of your own body - kills you. But that was then and this is now: Enter Snayke, a redefining of the 2D dot-gobbling genre.
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