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The Last Birdling Spins a Tale of Friendship Torn Apart by Racial Differences

The Last Birdling
Why humans and Birdlings can't just get along is beyond me, but in The Last Birdling, humans are to be killed on sight by Birdlings. Doesn't matter who you are or how you feel about the whole thing, because that's just how it is. And this is also where things get complicated for Bimonia, one of few remaining Birdlings, as she one day, of all things, ends up becoming friends with Tayo, a human! Logic dictates that Bimonia should simply kill Tayo, no matter the cost. But instead the two decide to take on the world, tradition, warring races, and all that, be damned. Groovy? Hell yeah!
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Loot Rascals Has a Space Theme Park With Other Players’ Hard-Earned Loot

Loot Rascals
You know what every space theme park needs? A pan-dimensional godbeast of course - or so Hollow Ponds, Loot Rascals developer, thought. Not sure I agree, but here we are, big bulky badass beast invading an otherwise lovely looking locale of fun and laughter. Which would probably matter at all, were you not busy laying waste to other, smaller baddies. Oh, and do try to stop them from stealing your precious Loot Cards...
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Paradigm Is Almost Ready to Mix Electronic Music With Point ‘n Click Adventuring

Ever been to the Eastern European country of Krusz? Me neither, but hey - we'll soon be able to visit it by stepping into the shoes of Paradigm, in Paradigm... the game. And what better way than as a mutant with a troubled past who dreams of becoming the world's greatest electronic music artist, really? Doesn't matter if you utterly despise the genre, because this guy needs help: an evil genetics corporation, of all things, is trying to capture the poor guy. Time to point, click and make magic happen!
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Let’s Get It Kickstarted: All Walls Must Fall

All Walls Must Fall
It is often said that war is hell, and let's face it - the Cold War was no exception. Not in the slightest, but fortunately, like history's other gruesome battles, this too came to an end... eventually. Except in All Walls Must Fall, the upcoming tactical tech-noir title from inbetweengames, where, well, it didn't. Not even all the way into the futuristic year 2089! A terrifying thought, if not for the fact that we are talking about a video game here. One with quite the lovely aesthetic, time travel, grid-based strategy and a protagonist from 2017 (I think). Wait, did I mention time travel?
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Meganoid(2017) Lets You Hack a Pixelated World to Escape Crazed Security Drones

Hack the pixels, the world... heck, hack everything, in Meganoid(2017)! Or, alternatively, rush for the exit. Choice is yours. Just keep in mind that this place is anything but hospitable and everything is out to kill you, so don't stand around for too long, admiring them lovely pixels. I mean, there are all kinds of goodies to grab, most of which will definitely help even the odds - like, say, a jetpack, for added mobility, or a rocket launcher to make things go kaboom! KABOOM! Kaboom?
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Xbox Exclusivity No More: Voodoo Vince Remastered (Finally) Reveals Release Date

Voodoo Vince Remastered
Generally speaking, voodoo is bad. Really bad. Not quite so in Xbox - as in, the original - exclusive platformer Voodoo Vince, surprisingly (and fortunately, I might add). I mean, it does feature a voodoo doll protagonist, and yes, he does have voodoo powers... but we're talking about the good guy here, ya know? A good guy/voodoo doll who's shenanigans everyone will soon be able to experience with a much-needed modern look. Very groovy.
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In Forts, Towers Are Made to Clash, and Eventually They Will be… DEMOLISHED!

Build, fight, destroy. That's pretty much Forts - or so the trailer below all this text would have you believe. Fortunately, there's much more than that to this tower builder, which has two sides build what they consider 'the best tower possible', after which, well, war is waged! A brutal, explosive, demoralizing war. A war which shall, inevitably, reduce the tower count by one. The other... will be less than the sum of its parts. So groovy.
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Dimension Drive [Early Acccess] Challenges SHMUP Fans With Screen Jumping Shenanigans

Dimension Drive [Early Access]
It's not every day we get to wage war across multiple dimensions in the same shoot 'em up... at the same time! And that's exactly what's going on in Dimension Drive, as your quest for the origin of the mysterious Dimension Drives requires fighting on two fronts, simultaneously. Normally such a task would be nigh impossible, but with a legendary ship like The Manticore at your disposal - a piece of cake! Provided you can handle the relentless onslaught of course, because... well, the Ashajuls have decided to invade our universe. Bastards.
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Become a Gritty Sellsword as Battle Brothers Gets Ready to Leave Early Access

Battle Brothers
Sharp swords, mysterious magic, pointy polearms... ah, medieval fantasy. Nothing quite like it, and in Battle Brothers, you get to be in charge of a mercenary company, making all the nitty-gritty decisions. Fight or flee? Hire or fire? Take a contract or kill the messen-- wait, that last one is probably just wishful thinking. Either way, fame and fortune await - provided you're willing to do what it takes, wading through the mud and blood, over the bones of your fallen foes, onto the next conquest. And another one after that. And another. It never ends...
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The Keep is Almost Here, and With it, Creepy First-Person Lone Wolf Dungeon Crawling

The Keep
Unless you've been living under a rock, Legend of Grimrock should be a name of at least some familiarity, even if it does date back to 2012, as this game pretty much resurrected a sub-genre of role-playing games long dead and buried: the first-person dungeon crawler. A genre that upcoming RPG, The Keep, is also a part of, packing plenty of puzzles to solve and spells to fling at unsuspecting foes, as you go about exploring an uncanny dungeon... by your lonesome self.
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Make Games, the 2nd: GameMaker Studio 2 Has Arrived!

GameMaker Studio 2
Keeping up with game engines can be quite a confusing affair in this day and age, as there are simply so many! But while alternatives like Unreal Engine and Unity do exist among the giants, YoYo Games are certainly doing their part to help ensure the continued success of GameMaker Studio - even more so with the recent release of its successor, aptly titled... GameMaker Studio 2.
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Xbox Live Creators Program Makes It Easier to Self-Publish… With a Few Caveats

It seems Microsoft finally gets it. That they've finally realized not only what's best for business, but also - more importantly - what developers (and consumers too, I'm sure) want. First, back in 2016, they made so that any and all Xbox One units could be turned into devkits. Good stuff for sure, and now, independent developers won't even have to go through the ID@Xbox hoops. So long as they're fine working under the restrictions of the Creators Program...
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Midnight at the Celestial Palace: Chapter I Combines Colorful Comical Questing With… Tune Trickery?

Midnight at the Celestial Palace: Chapter I
It's Midnight at the Celestial Palace! Or rather, Midnight at the Celestial Palace: Chapter I - of who's to say how many - is upon us, and as such, the time has come for Greg and… an otter (wait, what?) to embark on what is bound to be a grand adventure. Together. Because that's what humans and otters do in this pointy and clicky odd locale. Or maybe this is a special case. One unlike any... otter (nope, not sorry).
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Shift Happens, and Now Bismo and Plom Are More Jelly Than Ever

Shift Happens
Jellies can be oh so very delicious, although I suspect Bismo and Plom - the two protagonists of Shift Happens - would be quite upset, were one to try and take a bit of either. They're not that kind of jelly after all, and besides, there'd be no game to play without them. Which would be a darn shame, as this adventure of mass-self-manipulation (it's a... word(?)!) looks to be a rather amusing one.
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Piece Together the Remnants of a Shattered Timeline As You… Lit the Torch

Lit the Torch
What if one was able to create windows into a different timeline? I mean, it'd be a pretty neat trick for sure. But alas, in Lit the Torch, it's a way of salvaging what once was, more so than... well, showing off. Or perhaps it's actually a bit of both, depending on how you feel about, oh I don't know, saving the world. Might as well look cool while acting as a savior of all, right?
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Voyageur Has an Infinite Galaxy to Explore, One Full of Choices, Wealth and… Danger?

In theory, the Descent Device is a wonderful thing, enabling the fastest form of travel mankind has experienced. Unfortunately, it has a rather large flaw: the journey with it, throughout Voyageur, is, for reasons unknown, one-way. Doesn't mean you can't make the most of it, however, amassing large amounts of wealth as you embark on a grand adventure through the cold depths of space. Oh, and do be careful, as not everyone is friendly. I think. They don't seem friendly, at least. Maybe they are?
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Gunmetal Arcadia Looks Like a Lovely Old-School Take On Classic RPG Platformers

Gunmetal Arcadia
In one corner, the Tech Elves of Arcadia - in the other, the hordes of the Unmade Empire. Who will win? Well, since the Tech Elves are the good guys in Gunmetal Arcadia, chances are they will. That is, provided the player can handle the challenge laid before them in this roguelite throwback to the likes of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. If not, guess the evil empire will win this war. Which would be bad. For everyone.
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High Noon Revolver Sets You on the Path From Gunswinger to Gunslinger

High Noon Revolver
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go from zero to hero, becoming a complete bad-ass in the wildest western tale ever told, gunning down countless bad guys to save the day? Well, if you don't mind not getting the tale part of that deal, High Noon Revolver might be just what you're after. I mean, it does claim to take your character "from puny to powerhouse", as you go about dispersing of outlaws. Groovy.
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