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The Road to Financial Freedom? Patreon Created for Wraithkal: The Indie Gaming Corner

More than six years ago, I started this very website, and suffice to say... it's been one helluva journey (in no small way thanks to you, readers of my wordy rants). One that hopefully won't be ending until there are no more indie games to write about, as I see no need to slow down. That said, the opposite - increasing the rate at which articles are written and published - could do with some... tweaks. This is where my newly created Patreon comes into the picture, as I'm hoping it will enable the construction of my road to financial freedom. Being able to write instead of spending that same time frame in employment? Oh man, that'd be absolutely groovy.
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Thoughts on the Steam Direct Fee Reveal and Upcoming Store Changes

Like a lot of other people, I too have been sceptical regarding the Greenlight replacement, Steam Direct, ever since the original announcement. How will it be curated, if at all? How much will each submission cost? When will the switch be flicked to shut down Greenlight, and will Steam Direct be put into motion immediately following said event? A lot of questions and only a handful of answers. Or only one, rather: the submission fee, and quite frankly… their decision is both good and bad.
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‘LIMBO’ – “I only dream in black and white…”

Waking up in an unfamiliar locale can be quite a daunting experience. Even more so if, as is the case for LIMBO's protagonist, it happens in the middle of a dark and gloomy forest. At least the kid actually woke up and got to moving forward though, perhaps in hopes of figuring out what had transpired and where he was - so there's that. Unfortunately for him however, the road ahead turned out to be anything but hospitable, deadly hazards lurking around every corner, the entire world seemingly determined to end this exploratory journey, almost before it had even begun. Oh boy.

Thoughts on Greenlight and the Reveal of Its Successor, Steam Direct

Believe it or not, this year, Greenlight actually turns five. That's right, Valve's attempt at creating a better curation system for game additions to the store section of Steam has been around for close to five years now. Won't be around for a sixth, though, as its replacement was announced just the other day. "Finally", some might say, and honestly, I'm inclined to agree, for so many reasons.
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Raw Fury Proves That Publishers Can Actually be Pretty Groovy

The year is 2016 and indie games are all over the place, both self-published and with a third-party deal. Or maybe the correct term is 'ordeal', given the amount of hassle some publishers have proven to be. I mean, assisting with marketing, maybe helping with the funding - good stuff for sure. Unfortunately there are also examples of shady deals and downright scams, however. Hazardous territory to say the least, although if we can get more like up-and-coming publisher Raw Fury… groovy times ahead.
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Steam Early Access Rules Updated to Protect Consumers From Never-Ending Betas

Riddle me this, dear reader: would YOU buy an unfinished game, fully aware that it may never reach completion? I should hope not, but alas, Steam's Early Access tells a different story: games in alpha / beta stage are selling like hotcakes, and most of them could easily remain forever incomplete. Fortunately for consumers, Valve decided to recently overhaul the rule set, clarifying certain things while adding a bunch of 'restrictions', and not a moment too soon either.
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Xbox One to Allow Self-Publishing… Until Microsoft Changes Their Mind Again

Good grief, Microsoft. Will the day ever come when you’ll simply make the proper decisions the first time, instead of waiting for the public to disapprove, and then do the right thing? I know I’m being sceptical here, but it’s not without reason and honestly, it’s about time someone did, instead of simply praising Microsoft for backtracking. That said, this is still very good news for indie developers.
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Indie Bundle Fatigue Kicking In Yet?

The contents of every single bundle to this point, has been great indie games, from pretty much every genre – including hacking (yeah that’s a genre… wait, it isn’t? Oops!) – and that’s not the beef I have with them; far from. It’s rather the sheer amount popping up now, from all over the place, that’s made me decide to try and put the whole thing into perspective. But first I’m going to drag you back to the beginning of time with me.
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‘Turtles In Time’ or Out of Time?

Turtles In Time
Let me take you back.. to a time where everyone was going “cowabunga!” Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael started out as in the form of a comic book, published by Mirage Studios, back in 1984, and quickly rose in popularity – but it was not until 1987 that it became a worldwide phenomenon with the beginning of a cartoon that would go on for 10 seasons before ending in 1996 after airing a massive 193 episodes.
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