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Can’t Drive This Has You Attempting to Navigate a Road… as Your ‘Friend’ Builds It

Can't Drive This

By now, I’m sure you’ve played some racing game or other, and if you haven’t, well, Mario Kart is pretty darn awesome, ya know? Not that it’s anything like or remotely close to the awesomeness of Can’t Drive This though. You won’t find any blue shells or bullets with a name on them here though, but there will be explosions, should you drop below 20mph. Explosions which brings an immediate ‘game over’, of all things! Oh, and did I mention you have to navigate the road ahead as it is being built by one of your ‘friends’?

If it sounds crazy, that’s because it really is. But at the same time, it has so much potential for an absolutely great time – provided your ‘friend’ doesn’t decide to mess with ya and place the most obscure obstacles, rather than helping. Given the randomness of what’s available to the builder in this two-man team, I wouldn’t put it past him / her to, every now and again, place a speed boost leading right into a jump, leading right into a windmi– I’m sure you get the drift.

That’s essentially what Can’t Drive This is: one player builds the course from blocks made available at random, while the other attempts to navigate said course, and in real-time too. No pausing, because… remember what I said about going below 20mph? Yeah. Kaboom! Doesn’t have to be someone local either as there’s not only online multiplayer support, but cross-platform too, meaning Windows and OS X users also get to drive (get it?) each other up a wall. Or wherever the road may take such an uncanny pairing.

Can’t Drive This [Early Access] is available from Steam, at $9.99.

Can't Drive This – Launch Trailer (Steam Early Access)

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