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‘Candysnake’ Gobbles the Classic Match-3 Formula With a Clever Twist


I know what you’re thinking, but Candysnake is not just another dull addition to the vast pile of generic match-3 games. This is in no small part due to the fact that it plays more like Snake than Bejeweled, tasking you with gobblin’ up delicious candies by moving a snake around… while racing the clock!

Let’s face it, basing your game on Snake is a popular thing to do, but so what, as long as the outcome is at least somewhat original and/or clever? I’d say this one has a bit of both, on top of getting tricky fast. See, in order to move candy around, creating lines of three or more, knowing when to open and when to close that big mouth is key. What? No, I’m not joking.

Pressing the spacebar key lets you switch between the two mouth states, letting you either swallow candy while increasing the snake’s length (open) or drag its body around to match candies (closed). Simple, right? Sure, except for the timer, which can only be extended through constant candy matchin’, and this is where it gets tricky. Really tricky. So much that I doubt many will even be able to reach the fourth, much less the fifth, level. Oh and like in most slide-based match-3 games, luck does also comes into play here. Annoying, but well, that’s just how it is.

With five different candy types, combined with the fact that you’re essentially playing two different games at once, it can be slightly overwhelming at first. Give it some time though, and I’m sure you’ll be able to beat my high score (as shown in the above screenshot) sooner rather than later. Just remember: dragging around more candy at once isn’t always a good idea, unless of course you know the exact path to some seriously crazy chain reactions, in… Candysnake! Gobble gobble?

Candysnake (Candyjam 2014) gameplay