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Overthrow a Tyrant With the Power of Magic In ‘Candy-Crushing Adventure Saga’

Candy-Crushing Adventure Saga

Candyville does sound like a lovely place and it certainly would be, if not for the fact that their king has gone completely bonkers. First he made some evil decrees and then the coward decided to hide in his castle. The nerve. Well, in case you were wondering, you’ll be playing the part of the one person capable of fixing this pickle, aided by candy (and magic)!

Alright so maybe the game itself isn’t all that dramatic, but there is still plenty of both magic and candy to go around in this little revolution. Obviously, the king isn’t just going to let you waltz right in through the front door, and this is where your affiliation with wizardry is going to be incredibly useful. See, rumor has it, somewhere in the wilderness, a spell so powerful it can crumble mighty castles lies hidden. With that in your possession, that tyrant won’t know what hit him.

Candy-Crushing Adventure Saga

Reaching it is not going to be easy though, as you’ll first need to figure out how to crush plenty of different obstacles. How? Here’s a hint: magic. While you won’t be able to do jack all with your wand early on, an upgrade that lets you topple mighty trees lies hidden somewhere, and it is but the first of many. Also, don’t forget to grab any pre-crushed candy you may come across, because, sweets!

After acquiring the ability to remove trees, making new areas accessible, it’s onto the next spell, which then lets you reach new places. Seeing how most of the gameplay centers around this mechanic, it can get a tad repetitive after the first few of these ‘upgrades’. Unless you feel like tracking down the twenty candies of course, at which point you’ll come to realize just how useful each [upgrade] is. So to summarize: big rock blocking your path? Crush it! Tree? Crush it! Hooray for magic (and candy).

What say ye then, oh brave wiza– I mean, dear reader? Are you up for overthrowing a mean old tyrant, permanently ending his bullying of Candyville? If so, then grab your wand and get ready to embark on the grand quest that is… Candy-Crushing Adventure Saga!