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‘CalligraTree’ Impressions: Wood Branches Out to a Tall Tree

Generally speaking, video games are a bit of a stressful form of entertainment, always forcing players to pursue some sort of goal, some sort of… well… objective. Whether it be saving the planet, eliminating a grand evil, or simply surviving, there’s always something to strive for. While that does also hold true for CalligraTree, it does offer a noticeably more zen experience.

Upon launching the game I didn’t think much of it, and immediately clicked on ‘play’, rather than read the instructions. Bit of a mistake on my behalf, as what you’re supposed to do isn’t overly obvious. See, I simply figured I was clicking on branches to extend them, growing semi-random sakura trees, but alas, that was not quite the case.

I was actually supposed to make sure none would cross, because upon that happening, the level would end right then and there, my tree nowhere near as tall as it could be. So back I went, frantically trying to aim every addition in a direction that left space for more, avoiding collisions as best I could. And wouldn’t you know, eventually it paid off: I had built a lovely – and quite tall – tree, in this Ludum Dare 40 game!

That also pretty sums up CalligraTree though, but hey, sometimes a simple little adventure like this is just what one might need. So how about it – think you’ve got what it takes to… branch out?