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These ‘Burly Men at Sea’ Yearn For Adventure, Back In Early 20th-Century Scandinavia

Burly Men at Sea

Ah, Scandinavia. My part of the world. Finally, another game that takes place here! Oh, and for once, one that doesn’t involve vikings. Large, bearded fishermen in search of adventure, and something something creatures from folklore. But no vikings. I think. Anyway, what’s important right now is not that, so much as… what exactly does fate have in store for these Burly Men at Sea?

What indeed. With the player acting as both narrator and ‘wayfinder’ (wait, what?), one thing’s certain: this uncanny trio may just live to regret their decision to go looking for grand adventures in favor of, well, their former jobs. Which were apparently all rather dull. As such, it’s time for you – the player – to manipulate their surroundings, crafting a narrative as it were, setting the pace for each scene at the flick of a pop-out book. Kinda.

Ain’t just about getting from A to B either, as choices along the way will lead to different scenarios, or perhaps even a unique ending or two. This, coupled with the incredibly stylish presentation, is what made Burly Men at Sea catch my eye a while back – and stick with me all the way up to its release mere hours ago. I mean, really, just look at the above screenshot and the much too brief launch trailer below. Tell me that doesn’t just scream “buy me and play me, right now”. I dare you. Oh and the three big, bearded fellas too. Yay, Scandinavia!

Burly Men at Sea is available from Steam, itch.io, Humble Store at $9.99 – iOS, Android at $4.99.

Burly Men at Sea – Micro Trailer