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Bundle Yourself Some Cheap Indie Games With Groupees and Killjoy Games

groupees bundle yourself killjoy games

Looks like we’ve got another team-up from Groupees, with Killjoy Games placed in the bright bundled spotlight this time. It’s an interesting bundle to say the least, with eight indie games at a ridiculously low price; doesn’t get much better than that! What? Didn’t you you hear what I said? RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP INDIE GAMES!

I’ve gone over the ‘what’s what’ many times for past Groupees bundles, but the rules have changed somewhat from previous ‘build a bundle’ outings. While they usually have a two game minimum, this time it’s been cranked up to four, with a checkout price of at least $1. It still goes up with each additional title you so heartily desire though ($2 for the entire thing). Oh and the four extras – once unlocked – are included no matter how many (or few) games you pick up, or how much you’re willing to spend. First one is the Astro Emporia soundtrack, and time will tell what the rest are. Onto the games!


Orborun (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura)
Control your Orbot to collect the goods, avoid the obstacles and escape the hazardous Orbo-world. Complete levels on perfect run to unlock bonus levels. Try to reach puzzle world for a brain-teasers and if you will master the Orborun – twisted hazard world will be your final test!

siege of aniolia

Siege of Inaolia (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
Set in the Dark Fantasy world of Ilastria, a world plagued by wars and magic as well as the orcs and their kin, you control one of three unlikely heroes in their struggle to survive within the ancient fortress of Inaolia, a task that they soon come to learn, has the very fate of the world in the balance.

project apt

Project Apt (Windows – Desura)
He misses the family he left behind in old apartment. But now he is caged in his own apartment. Let’s end it here.

loot hero

Loot Hero (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
A legendary Dragon is haunting the lands. Towns are set ablaze, and its magic power resurrects the evil creatures of the world. A hero is needed to travel to the corners of the lands and slay the beast to restore peace.

air control

Air Control (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura) Greenlight
Air Control is a new-gen aviasimulator. Speaking about the design and all-new spaces of the our airplane simulator , we can say that it gives you more freedom and realism ,you have ever seen in such kind of games before.

astro emporia

Astro Emporia (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura)
Astro Emporia is a simple turn based strategy where your objective is to make as much money in a limited amount of turns. The game is designed to play a game in a few minutes which at the end you will get a high score. While the amount you buy and sell for and the resource availability is randomised each time you visit a planet, there are tactics that enable you to increase your chances at getting a profit.


Hippocampal (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
You are an astronaut taking some time off in orbit, remembering your latest holidays, when suddenly coming from nowhere some monsters crash into you and bring you back on earth… What are you gonna do?? Take revenge for this cosmic attack? Find the way to enjoy your holidays? Prevent that those creatures attack the earth? It all depends on the trauma of the crash, right?

space slice

Space Slice (Windows – Desura)
What is the meaning of life? Which is the fate of universe? These are the common questions anyone would expect to be set in any sci-fi indie videogame. But not in this one. Right now, Zyrth’s main concern is to have his spaceship repaired. To reach such a goal he will have to face the most exotic events that may happen in the universe…

Don’t forget that Groupees’ Bundle Yourself will only be available for little less than seven days, so don’t wait too long; unless you enjoy paying full price for indie games, that is. Nothing wrong with that, but since a bundle has been made available and all – might as well, right?

Groupees – Bundle Yourself: Presented by Killjoy Games