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First Bundle In a Box of 2014 Is Live With a Groovy Lineup

Bundle In A Box (Groupees)

Told ya it was coming, and here it is: Bundle In A Box is back! After a quick glance at the lineup, I can safely say that any concerns were unfounded – some good stuff in there. All DRM-free too, with the odd Steam/Desura key for good measure. So… new ownership with the same ol’ lovely Bundle In A Box style, as far as content goes. Groovy? Groovy.


Fortis Rex: Rise of the King

Fortis Rex: Rise of the King (Windows – Desura, DRM-free) [trailer]
Journey to an ancient land, full of mystery and wonder. You play the role of the Traveller, who one day wandered into the ancient land of Rex, where a tyrannical Emperor rules over his kingdom with an iron fist. All who even speak against his policies are executed, and the people live in fear of his dominance. The Emperors 400 year war against the Imperial Rebels has drained the coffers of both factions, and the time is right for a new King.

Train of Afterlife

Train of Afterlife (Windows – DRM-free) [trailer]
You are riding on a train without a name, memory, or your own body. Along with you are five other passengers who will share their thoughts and various tales of their past life before reaching their destination. One of them is clearly different from the rest, as he or she is closely tied to your past – a past that will greatly change your destination. As you embark for the final stage of your life, what will you discover? What is waiting for you at the end of your journey?


1Quest (Windows, Mac – Desura, DRM-free) [trailer]
1Quest is a roguelike, where you control a young adventurer who pursues an evil blood cult, after they abducts several children, including the princess of the kingdom! You got 7 days before he can start his evil ritual to summon an ancient demon from the sacrificing of the children. Each region of the realm contains some dangerous place where you can find various help and you can choose your own path to choose your rewards. But do not lose time, if you want to save all the children…

Freedom Fall

Freedom Fall (Windows, Mac – Steam, DRM-free) [trailer]
Freedom Fall is a diabolical down-scrolling platformer set in a prison tower so tall it touches the clouds. Presented with hand painted art, its old school vibe mixes with fast-paced free falling action and a story with both dark wit and heart.

Heroes & Legends – Collectible Cards & Monster Book
A set of unique collectible cards and a Monster Book from the game Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar.


Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar

Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar (Windows, Mac, Linux – Steam, DRM-free) [trailer]
Wielding sword or spell, help your party of heroes carve a pathway through hordes of demons, undead, and mythical monsters as you race to thwart an ancient prophecy of doom from unfolding in this action-packed fantasy role-playing epic. Blending combat and strategy, Heroes and Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar challenges you to pit your wits and reflexes against an array of vicious enemies in both story-driven and randomly-generated adventures.

Sid Meier's Pirates!

Sid Meier’s Pirates! + Pirates! Gold (Classic) (Windows, Mac, Linux – Steam, DRM-free) [trailer]
Ahoy Mateys! From the Mind of Sid Meier, The Golden Age of Buccaneering has returned with Pirates! Gold! You’ll criss-cross your way along the 17th century Spanish Main in search of all-new adventures. You’ll lead a crew of hot-blooded buccaneers into rollicking harbour towns. And risk your booty and your life plundering enemy ships!


Dragonsphere (Windows, Linux – Steam, DRM-free) [trailer]
Newly-crowned King of Callahach! It’s been twenty years since your father saved the world by entrapping the evil Sorcerer Sanwe. Now the spell is waning. Sanwe’s malevolent force will soon consume the land, and only you can stop him. Will your quest be aided or subverted by bizarre races like shape-shifting Slathans, the faery-like Brynn-Fann, of the black-eyed Soptus Ecliptus?

President for a day: Floodings

President for a day: Floodings (Windows, Mac – Desura, DRM-free) [trailer]
The PFAD game series allows you to experience how difficult it is to govern a country in extreme situations – be it Africa or Asia, where both natural disasters and armed conflicts are prone to occur. Through strategic play, you will witness how one small series of problems may be bound together in a greater web occurrences. A problem remedied in one place, may very well spur an even greater one, elsewhere.

You’ve got 13 days and 7 hours to pick up Groupees’ Bundle In A Box, before it’s gone… forever!