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Build the 25th Greenlight With Cheap Games, Remember to Vote!


Hey look, another mix-and-match Greenlight-centric bundle from Groupees! Like its precursor, this one brings old and new submissions; quite the varied lot too, which makes for an interesting (and cheap) lineup. Groovy.

Super Space Meltdown (GL)

Super Space Meltdown (Windows, Mac – DRM-free, itch.io) Greenlight
Humanities largest space station is under attack by mysterious alien invaders. You play as Sgt. Alex Cutter sent into deep space on a lone mission to save the day and annihilate the alien threat. But there’s a catch. The presence of these alien invaders seems to have caused the stations reactor to go into meltdown. This means you have 60 seconds to clear each room before the reactor melts down and causes time to loop back on itself, taking you back to the beginning of the game.

Undeads (GL)

Undeads (Windows, Mac, Linux – DRM-free) Greenlight
In future not far from now, year 2030. One city was abandoned, people escaped and tried to leave the city for unknown reason. Many succeed, some unconcern decidedly stayed but they banished mysteriously. It became a ghost city, filled of silence, of mysterious sound. A year past the silence of the street was no more. One after another appeared strange being.. started to roam the city.. Country leaders worriedly want to uncovered the mystery of the city. They secretly send group to initiate the serious investigation, but to no avail as soon as the team entered the city the strange beings banished them all.

Superstatic (GL)

Superstatic (Windows, Mac, Linux – DRM-free) Greenlight
Superstatic is a top-down shooter where you’re given the ability to possess and control your enemies. Using “copies”, you’re able to perform a variety of skills including killing enemies within a certain radius, chaining kills together based on your current combo, teleporting to your copy’s position and more.

Biodrone Battle (GL)

Biodrone Battle (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura, DRM-free) Greenlight
Biodrone Battle brings classic top-down action rooted in the pioneer gaming era of the 1980s into your living room. Refined with various up-to-date improvements, Biodrone Battle is like an old school game time-warped into the future.

Super Star Path (GL)

Super Star Path (Windows – itch.io, DRM-free) Greenlight
It is the year 2985, ages after the space revolution. Human colonies have reached the most remote places and discovered the enormous power of Green Emeralds as an energy source. But just today, aliens have decided to take back what was stolen from them by those greedy humans. Now, the future of the colony is in the depths of steep ravines, the haunt of dangerous creatures, and its only hope lies in the hands of the Earth’s most experienced fighter pilot.

Don't drop the soap (GL)

Don’t drop the soap (Windows – DRM-free) Greenlight
Don’t drop the soap is a hardcore 2D platformer, each level you complete will be a great accomplishment. Including 50 agonising levels to test your endurance, 2 worlds (because 1 isn’t enough), 2 bosses and 3 game modes. Amassing hours of hardcore gameplay.

Atonement: Scourge of Time

Atonement: Scourge of Time (Windows – Desura, DRM-free) Greenlight
The last king was killed over 400 years ago and the global rule of the land ceased to exist. Slowly over the years the law and order started to subside, people began to divide amongst themselves, big cities were gradually gone and replaced with smaller settlements, and the whole land started to slowly degrade. Many believe it’s because the Angelkind have abandoned it.

Quiz Life (GL)

Quiz Life (Windows – DRM-free) Greenlight
Quiz.Life is a quiz battle where players develop their army and use them to destroy their opponent’s base. In order to build up this army, players must answer in-game questions. The players can use points earned from answering quiz questions to evolve their units and upgrade their base. And because it’s created by medical students, Quiz.Life takes place on the most unusual battleground of all – inside the human body!

You’ve got 13 days and 23 hours to pick up Groupees’ Build A Greenlight 25, before it’s gone… forever!