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To Quench Jack’s Thirst For Revenge, ‘Blood will be Spilled’ In This Upcoming Western

Betrayed by his former gang, Jack is a man on a mission – one involving revenge, delivered by way of burning hot lead across a path littered with dead bodies. Such is the way of a western after all, even if the world of Blood will be Spilled is inhabited by, well… insects. Insects with guns and an urge to shoot first, ask questions never.

Oh, did I mention how Jack is a mosquito, or that his array of various abilities is powered by the blood of his enemies? Blood which, mosquito being mosquito, will be drained from his enemies… one after another. In case you needed to make sense of the title, there ya go. Then again, given the focus on gunslinging, the spilling of blood was inevitable even without the mosquito aspect. It does help make the experience stand out, though.

Aside from that, I’d wager Blood will be Spilled is going to play like your typical western, complete with twitchy duels, chaotic shootouts where cover is absolutely vital and of course, at least one reference to classic genre entries; spaghetti westerns that is. I mean, Jack’s skillsets are called Good, Bad and Ugly. So remember, “when you have to shoot, shoot; don’t talk!”.

Or, you know, duck behind cover to take in the lovely jazz-y soundtrack and lush visuals as your enemies do their very best to put you six feet under. Just don’t forget why you’re here: those bastards that left you for dead have to pay for their mistake. Not killing you right then and there, that is. So lock and load, Jack, for… Blood will be Spilled.

Blood will be Spilled is heading for Steam, with a TBD release date.

Blood will be Spilled – Reboot Develop Trailer