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‘Banished’ Expands Its City-Building Capabilities With Steam Workshop Support

Banished (Steam Workshop)

What’s better than a city-builder like Banished with mod support? It getting Steam Workshop support, of course! While the patch that enabled players to mess around with the game has been out for a few weeks now, this recent workshop addition is still nothing to sneeze at.

Now, as for exactly what you can modify in the game, it seems that you’ve got access to animals, figs, crops, decorations and buildings, among other things. Do keep in mind that the Banished Kit (aka. modding tool set), which is required to do any of that fun stuff, is currently in beta. This means that changes will be made between now and the full release, and as always, use at your own risk. Beta is after all used as a tag for something not considered 100% stable.

Aside from that, go nuts! Provided you own the game on Steam of course, as that’s obviously needed. Opting into the beta is done by right-clicking Banished in your library, selecting properties, onto the ‘beta’ tab, go for the 1.0.4 (latest at the time of writing) beta, and… you’re all set. Non-Valve fans haven’t been forgotten either, with sites like Banished Info and Banished Mods catering to the DRM-free crowd, so… be sure to check those out.

Note: during Banished Kit’s beta phase, the workshop will only be available to those with a copy of the game on Steam. The modding manual as it were, can be found here, along with download links to the latest toolkit. Now, get to creating stuff!

Banished is available from Steam and Humble (via. widget, DRM-free + Steam key) for Windows, with a $19.99 price tag.

Banished Gameplay Trailer