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Mock Terrible Cover Art While Making Games In the Bad Box Art Challenge… Again!

Bad Box Art 2017

Just like late March of 2016, late March of 2017 will play host to a Bad Box Art Challenge, tasking participants with making a game based on… well, bad box art. Not just any box art, mind you, as those interested will have to pick and choose from… wait for it… the Gallery of Trash! Groovy way to find out if one man’s trash can truly be another’s treasure.

Box art may not be much of a thing in this digital age, but travel back a couple of decades and you definitely won’t have a hard time stumbling upon some truly atrocious examples of ‘bad box art’. As for exactly why someone would make a game jam revolving around such is beyond me. I am however glad they did, because who knows what craziness might happen based on such obscure artistic creations as those in the Gallery of Trash? Quite the gallery…

Now, if you’re at all interested in partaking in this year’s Bad Box Art Challenge, do keep one thing in mind: the game has to be made from scratch! Oh, and the result must be hosted on Game Jolt, with the #badboxart2017 hashtag. Once that’s in place, feel free to also add it to, well, anywhere else, really.

The challenge/jam will run from midnight on March 24 to midnight on March 27, and just in case, a link to the rules. Have fun!

(Thanks to @madmarcel for the heads up!)

Bad Box Art 2017