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Farm Protection Simulator ‘Atomicrops’ Fully Fertilized With Trailer

Remember how you had to fight post-nuclear pests while tending to your farm in Harvest Moon? No? Me neither, because unlike Atomicrops, an atomic bomb hadn’t, well, let’s just say ‘changed everything’. Better bust out the big guns too, because in this one, a dead enemy is worth more than just loot…

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: yes, even farm animals got a taste of that groovy nuclear mutation. I mean, just look at the above screenshot (which, by the way, was taken from the absolutely bonkers trailer below). Yellow cows? Chicken with… uh, empty eye sockets? Not normal. Not even for a video game.

You’ve inherited your dead uncle’s farm at the precise moment a nuclear apocalypse lays waste to humanity and now you must use it to grow copious amounts of GMO fruits and vegetables to survive!

We’ll just have to try to get along with the lot, all while exploring the surrounding areas, laying waste to “mutated vermin and pests” at night. Why? Fertilizer! And loot of course. Oh, there are seeds to be found too. Don’t know about you, but I didn’t exactly expect seeds to be acquired from the local store, given the game’s post-nuclear theme and all, so at least it makes sense. Much like the abominations you’ll be growing on that newly acquired land.

What a strange time to be a farmer, bullet hell, roguelike and farming simulator, all mixed into one big bag of crazy. Can’t wait to see how Atomicrops turns out.


Atomicrops will be on PC and console “later this year”.

Atomicrops Reveal Trailer