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Arcadian Atlas Aims to Mix Gritty Storytelling With the Tactical Depth of SRPG Classics

Arcadian Atlas

Love. While an undeniably powerful emotion, to the best of my knowledge, it is still quite rare for it to have started actual wars. A much more common thing however, is to find two lovers on separate sides of such a large-scale conflict, and just that could easily end up happening in upcoming strategy-RPG, Arcadian Atlas (cue dramatic music.)

Now, while war is, more often than not, hell, the civil war threatening to tear the world of Arcadian Atlas apart isn’t all bad. Or rather, it is bad, but without it, there’d be no potentially awesome upcoming game from Twin Otter Studios, ya know? So there’s that. Also, promise has been made of a “moody jazz soundtrack”, which is pretty much enough to make me want to buy a ticket for this particular hype train!

The good stuff doesn’t end there either. Like any proper genre entry, this too will feature a complex job-system (remember Final Fantasy Tactics?), alongside character-driven narratives. Yes, plural. Not just one character or one story – several. At least, that’s how I chose to read that. Could easily be wrong. Anyways, in case you hadn’t noticed yet, Arcadian Atlas is definitely attempting to tug on those nostalgia strings, what with its pixellated art style, isometric, grid-based combat and… a fantasy world at war. War. Groovy. Sucks for those caught in the conflict, but groovy nonetheless.

Now two people are finding themselves engulfed in a civil war they never wanted, and when sides must be chosen, will they find themselves still standing together – or will love leave anything standing at all?

Its release date, or rather, estimate, is currently “late 2017” – patience, virtue, etc., I guess. As for platforms, Twin Otter Studios is planning on launching the title on both Windows, OS X and iOS, at $15 (or less). Still ways to go, but you know what they say about good things and waiting, right?

Arcadian Atlas


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