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AdventureX 2018 Bringing Narrative-Driven Gaming to Central London This November

Seven years. Seven years in a row, London has played host to the awesome thing known as AdventureX; and like last year, I’ll be attending once more. Just saying. You’ve been warned! But seriously, for those not in the know, the expo/convention is all about narrative-driven gaming (hence the title) and there will be games to play, developers to talk to – all that good stuff!

One thing that’s changed from last year is that… well, attending is no longer free. This was done mostly because a lot of people had to be turned away due to capacity restriction; too many people, not enough space, or some such. But not this time. No, this time you’ll have to pay up front if you expect to get in. Simple as that, and for those looking to save a pretty penny, I’d recommend pledging for that tier on the upcoming Kickstarter. Trust me, £20 is a lot of $.

Alright, dates: from November 10th to the 11th 2018, AdventureX will take place at the British Library Knowledge Centre (96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB), smack-down in the middle of Central London. Easy enough to reach. Unlike prior years. Just saying. Looking forward to the change of venue for sure.

Oh, and if you feel like exhibiting at the expo, do make sure you get that done once submissions open around the same time as the Kickstarter – which is going to be… ah, mid-June! As for the schedule, well, that’ll be up as soon as everything’s confirmed. When? No one knows! So, something something patience, virtue, green is da best.

So, to recap: AdventureX will take place on November 10th and 11th in London, at the British Library Knowledge Centre. So… will you be attending?

(Source: AdventureX 2018 – Announcement!)