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Point ‘n Click Magic In the Making: AdventureX Returns For a Sixth

AdventureX 2016

Six years in a row. That’s one helluva track record for a convention focused entirely around narrative games, instead of, you know, every single kind. Adventure games, interactive fiction and such – these are the type of games one can expect to hear about at AdventureX, maybe even meet and greet a developer or two in the process. Maybe. Oh and talks, panels, demos, plus other fun stuff. Groovy times for sure.

Now, first things first: AdventureX has no entry fee. No I’m not joking and that goes for both developers, publishers, curious fans and even visitors from other planets. All are welcome to partake in the fun, spending only what they wish to on food, drinks, maybe a memorabilia (if such is available?). WiFi, on the other hand, is also free, enabling participants to do some ‘live blogging’, among other things. Neat.

From November 19th to the 20th 2015, AdventureX will take place at Goldsmiths University of London (Lewisham Way, New Cross, London SE14 6NW), within walking distance of New Cross Gate and / or New Cross overground station (near central London). Easy enough to reach, and remember, free entry! Also, wear that visitors pass at all times. Just in case.

That is unless you’re planning on participating with an exhibition, a panel, a lengthy talk, or something else that requires scheduling. Because then you’ll want to… oh right, applying won’t be possible until September 3rd, at which point I’ll be updating with a link right now, right here!. As for the schedule, well, that’ll be up as soon as everything’s confirmed. When? No one knows at this point! So, something something patience and virtue.

Oh! Oh! Oh! There’s more. Kickstarter! Yup. They’re launching a Kickstarter for this year’s Adventure X, which is actually supported by a bunch of indie developers – some of which regular readers of my site should be familiar with: Fictiorama Studios, Wadjet Eye Games, Rumpus Animation, The Game Kitchen, Skygoblin, Screen7 Games, Adventure Mob, CBE Software, Owl Cave Games and Infamous Quests. Phew. What a list!

While I’d love to tell ya more about said Kickstarter… I can’t. No really, because, see, it’s not a thing yet and won’t be until September 3rd. Something about that date, ya know? Rest assured there’ll be proper coverage of it come launch, as well as a link in this here article. Just so ya don’t miss it, as that’s been known to happen. One thing gets read, while the other gets missed. Yup.

To recap: AdventureX will take place between November 19th and 20th in London, at the Goldsmiths University of London. No admission or exhibition fee. So… will you be attending?

Update: Kickstarter is live!

(Source: AGS forums)

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