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Drift More, Harder, Better as ‘Absolute Drift’ Upgrades to ‘Zen Edition’… Soon!

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition

Drifting. An art to some, while other find it a waste of time, and there are of course those for whom it is… life. Those like, say, the protagonist(s) of Absolute Drift, in which all you do is drift. Day and night, because drifting is awesome, and in these minimalistic environments, there’s opportunity to truly pull off some sweet moves. Oh and did I mention the experience is about to get even better within the upcoming Zen Edition?

While already a pretty popular title on Steam (91% of its 692 user reviews being positive) and a fun game in its current state, developer Funselektor Labs Inc. decided to sweeten the deal further – for free. Well, free if you own the desktop release anyway, as that’ll be upgraded to Absolute Drift: Zen Edition through a patch. Some rather lovely additions too in this one, which include a ghost car and replay system, a tutorial to ease the learning curve, and events meant to truly test the most skilled drifters out there. Very groovy.

Those looking to grab the upcoming PS4 release, which came to be with the assistance of Race the Sun creator Flippfly, won’t be paying extra either though, as the game will launch on that platform as Zen Edition. Not bad. As for dates and such fun things, the Steam version is scheduled for “Q3 2016”, while the console port should land “this summer”.

(Source: Announcing Absolute Drift: Zen Edition and PlayStation.Blog)

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition Announcement Trailer | PS4