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‘A Wizard’s Lizard’ Tags On ‘Immortal Edition’ to Signify Huge Update, Steam Launch

A Wizard's Lizard: Immortal Edition

It’s been almost six months since I first attempted to lift the curse cast upon my village, but the details are as vivid as the day I first embarked on my quest. Upon returning for another go at it recently, I found that someone had been messing around with dark magic, as familiar locales were inhabitated by new enemies and there were devious traps, where none before lay.

So… Immortal Edition, eh? Have to say, not sure why Lost Decade Games went with that name, but that matters little. The point is that they’ve taken feedback to heart, and slaved away at fixing, tweaking, adding and/or removing content/features from the game. Not that it was downright broken, or anywhere near it, mind you, but there were certainly rough spots, as noted in my launch review.

In the time between then and now, most – if not all – bosses have taken to studying, making them less predictable and (hopefully) more entertaining to fight. I’m all for pattern-based fights, but only so much. On top of that, brand new foes have also joined the fray, like… giant flaming skulls! Because, flaming skulls, ya know?

When the wizard of Amberfall unlocks the magic of eternal life, Death comes to take him away. Now his faithful pet lizard must brave procedurally-generated dungeons to save him!

But wait, tougher boss encounters AND new enemies? “Foul play”, you say? Not quite, for the protagonist (hey, that’s you!) also packs more of a punch now, with the Soul Blast ability and placable totems both making combat somewhat easier. You will still die though, that much is guaranteed, but the odds are certainly more in your favor now.

Oh and who asked for an overhauled options menu? Someone must have, because post-update, you’re able to rebind keys, adjust sound/music volume, tweak the joystick dead zone and other fancy stuff. Still no explanation for what items are prior to purchase, although in light of everything else that this ‘Immortal Edition’ patch brings… yeah. Let’s just be happy with what’s there instead of asking for more. Remember, this is a free update, as opposed to a piece of premium DLC.

A Wizard’s Lizard is available for Windows, Mac and Linux via. Humble and Steam, priced at $15 and without any DRM.

A Wizard's Lizard Steam Launch Trailer

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