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Get On the famicase (Again): A Game By Its Cover 2018 Begins In Little Over 24 Hours

It’s back! Time to bust out those famicases for another A Game By Its Cover, the game jam with way more fun than complicated things like… well, rules. Oh, and it’s starting in little over a day at the time of writing, so this is going to be a brief and to-the-point writeup.

So, “make a game inspired by famicase” is the alpha and omega of this one, and if you need inspiration – which isn’t limited to the 2018 selection – this is the place to go. You do kinda have to pick one though, as that’s the whole point of this particular jam. No competition, voting, scoring, rating, etc. for this one either. Just a relaxing jam… that revolves around famicases.

That said, reading the FAQ might not be a terrible idea, as there are certain ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ bits here and there. It is after all a list of Frequently Aske– oh, right. You already knew that. Well, that just leaves the important dates: ends on August 1 and ends on… let’s see. Wow, a full month later! Why, that gives everyone plenty of time to create something truly unique. So get to it, eh?

A Game By Its Cover 2018