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Pacifist Roguelike ‘Miasma Caves’ Is Almost Ready to Punch the Treasure Hunting Clock

Straying from the norm, Miasma Caves - in spite of being billed as a roguelike - isn't about combat so much as exploration. Danger does still loom however, in the form a lethal substance known as Miasma. A substance that the game's protagonist, Lesath, is somewhat more resistant to than your average Radiant Ridge resident. Oh right, that's the village you'll be working to upgrade... through treasure hunting! Groovy.
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Moving Simulator ‘Moving Out’ Looks Chaotic and Silly Enough to End Up Very Enjoyable

Moving can be a scary - at times, even risky - endeavour. There's a lot to keep track of, and above all else, you'll want to use a reputable company for all the heavy lifting (or all the lifting, period). Unless of course you're playing Moving Out, in which case, speed is the only thing that matters! Oh, but do watch out for traffic, saw blades and other hazards as you attempt to transport objects... well, over lava.
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‘Stardew Valley’ Multiplayer (and Other Fun Things) Update Hits Switch Tomorrow

What's better than a lone farmer making a living off the land in Stardew Valley, going on adventures, taking in the sights, delving deeply and greedily into the mines, and many other things? FOUR players picking up a hoe, axe, watering can or any of the game's other tools to then do all that... in the same game! Oh, and it'll be possible in the Switch version, from tomorrow.
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‘Tis the Season: MAGS December’s “Christmas” Theme is Rather Festive (and Timely)

While everyone's likely busy shopping for Christmas - or will be, soon enough! - don't even think about ignoring this month's MAGS, as it is very much in that same spirit. What? No, not shopping - Christmas! 'Tis the season, holy night, Santa kissing someone's mom, and so on. That said, MAGS December won't end until the 31st, in spite of its theme kinda saying otherwise. Weird stuff.
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Wits Will (Hopefully) Beat Jumpscares as ‘Clea’ Prototypes Puzzling Survival Horror

I'm not overly great with horror games, and the Clea prototype all but confirmed that as the moment those ever-approaching creepy sounds got too close, I would... hide in the nearby closet until they stopped. Why couldn't the two kids have done as told and stayed put? Then again, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so... let's send Clea and Ed off to their doom. Or have them both die trying. Or something.
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