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inkJam 2018 Promises a Weekend of Interactive Fiction Jammin’ Fun

From 80 Days to Sorcery! and beyond, inkle have been quite the active lot, even going so far as to release the driving force of said games as open source (remember?). While they're undeniably busy working on their upcoming project, that hasn't stopped them from announcing... the very first ink jam! That's right: soon, a weekend full of game-making, powered by ink, shall commence - and it is going to be awesome.

‘Rocket League’s Third Anniversary is Well Underway With Time-Limited Additions

Earlier this week, Rocket League kicked off its third anniversary celebrations, and boy did it ever bring new content - even if it is time-limited. The most important and/or biggest thing comes in the form of a brand new stadium. Except it's not brand new. In fact, those who played Rocket League's precursor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, should be quite familiar with its layout. But that's just one of many new things/features/additions.
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‘In My Brother Rabbit’ the Imaginary World of a Child Fallen Ill Is So Much More

A child's imagination is serious business, and in My Brother Rabbit, it doubles as a much-needed reality escape for a child fallen (fatally?) ill! With the help her older brother, they decide to cope by... well, creating a rather odd and different world - completely separate from the one they live in, with a story of its own. A world we'll soon get to experience, giant mushrooms, melting clocks and all. A world that just might be what the siblings need to stay strong until treatment becomes available. Fingers crossed.
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’39 Days to Mars’ Getting Free DLC Titled ‘Additional Victorian Adventures’… Soon!

Whether you've already finished the initial adventure(s) of Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honourable Clarence Baxter in 39 Days to Mars or not, this is bound to be pleasing news (provided you've actually picked up and played the game, that is). I mean, honestly, more content for a game like this is always welcome - especially when it doesn't come with a price tag attached, as will be the case for Additional Victorian Adventures! Good stuff.
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OrangePixel Is Doing a Bit of Remastering With New Versions of ‘Stardash’ and ‘INC’

If you've been a fan of indie games for the last half decade or so, chances are you've played one of OrangePixel's many creations: Gunslugs, Space Grunts, Meganoid, Groundskeeper2, Ashworld and loads more intriguing titles have come to be over the years. Suffice to say, this is one busy one-man studio, but these past few weeks it seems he's more focused on bringing back a couple of oldies with updates to Stardash and INC (both originally dating back some seven years). Very groovy.
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Not Enough Steam Reviews! January ’18 Edition

I know what you're thinking and no, you're not seeing double. For some reason Valve decided to put every month twice on the graph... at some point between the last time I screenshotted it and just now. Weird stuff, but ah well - it doesn't take away from the fact that there are still games with criminally low review counts on Steam, after six months. Oh, and we're in 2018 now, so let's hear it for the January 2018 edition of Not Enough Steam Reviews!
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MAGS July Carries a “Shocking” Theme For Aspiring Adventure Makers of All Ages

Looks like we're moving on from summer stuff with this month's MAGS. Unless of course... thunder storms? Yeah, suppose those could be part of this overly sunny season, and heck, there's probably a way to fit one under the "Shocking" theme. So there ya go. Just remember to have it submitted by the end of the month, and don't forget to go out and enjoy the summer. What little remains, anyway. Winter is coming!
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