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Double Feature: INSIDE and LIMBO Hitting Switch On the Same Day, and Soon!

LIMBO and INSIDE may not have much in common in terms of story or visual aesthetic (okay so maybe a bit on the aesthetic), but both are 2D platformers, created by Playdead, seriously unnerving experiences, and... they'll be on Switch quite soon. Phew. Nintendo's pretty much destroying the competition in terms of indie support at this point, and I for one could not be happier!
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Dungeon Defenders II: Protean Shift Expansion Is Free, Awesome, Bit of a Game Changer

Everything old is new again in the latest - and greatest - Dungeon Defenders II expansion, Protean Shift. Everything. So much has changed, I'm not going to be able to cover everything in this article, or it would be several thousand words long. I will highlight some of the latest changes/additions to the popular tower defense, however. Oh, and just like the game, the expansion... is free!
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Point ‘n Click to Clear Your Father’s Name In My Burden to Keep, a 1940s Murder Mystery

The year is 1941, sun's barely showing, and... the mayor - James Scott - has been murdered! In his home, of all places, by your father of all people. Or so the authorities believe, but surely there's more to it in My Burden to Keep, right? One way to find out in this point 'n click adventure, which has you playing not only the part of detective Francis Dale, but also Gabriel Heinrich, son of the murder suspect.
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From Skyrim Mod to Stand-Alone: The Forgotten City Features a Murder Mystery… Across Time

It's not often that we get to experience murder mysteries with a time travelling twist. Not often at all. Much too rare, actually, so I for one am certainly pleased to share with you this little piece of news regarding popular The Forgotten City will be making the leap from Skyrim mod to Unreal Engine 4... soon. Or in other words, it will be a stand-alone indie game, rather than require Skyrim (something I'm sure carries more than a few restrictions, however awesome that darn Elder Scrolls game).
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Path of Exile Is Getting Ready to Party Better Than Ever Before

Over the years, Path of Exile has grown. A lot. To the point where meeting up with other people (in-game) has become... a bit of a hassle. This mostly holds true for newer players though, as these are more likely to have a hard time figuring out where this or that place that their friend is currently wreaking havoc is at. An issue that Grinding Gear Games will be solving in the near future, while also adding several other party-related quality-of-life improvements.
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Not Enough Steam Reviews! December ’17 Edition

For those wondering why this edition is a week late, well, I've been trying to come up with some way to restructure it... in light of Valve's recent idiocy. I'm sure you've heard how they "decided that the right approach is to allow everything onto the Steam Store, except for things that we decide are illegal, or straight up trolling". Yeah. Unfortunately, best I could come up with was to continue the way I always have (and focus on potentially great new Steam releases alongside Not Enough Steam Reviews!, now more than ever). That said, the show must go on, so here we go!
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PROCJAM Summer Is Getting Ready to Make the Sun Shine… Procedurally

Can you make something? Well, of course you can, but... can you make something that makes something? Because then you're all set for PROCJAM, a jam with a focus on just that: making something that makes something. Too obscure? Essentially, what's on the menu here is 'procedural generation' - content created from an algorithm, basically. Oh, and this edition of PROCJAM comes with a summer twist (of sorts)!
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Fighting Fantasy Classics, the Ever-Expanding Gamebook Collection, Awaits On Steam

To say that Tin Man Games are a busy bunch would be an understatement. See, not only are they working on bringing their reimagining of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain to Switch, but just recently, the desktop version of Fighting Fantasy Classics saw the light of day too. No time like the present to be a Fighting Fantasy fan, that's for sure, and hey... first one's free!
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