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Ultimate Chicken Horse Celebrates Impending Console Ports With a Purple Elephant

Build to win or stop your own friends from doing the same... or both... at once. I think. Something along those lines anyway, is the name of the game in Ultimate Chicken Horse, as you're pitted against other players in a rather strange mix. One that's part level editor, part obstacle course - and everyone edits the level at the same time. Ah, sweet, sweet chaos.
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Humanity? Gone, but Heart&Slash Is Still Determined to Brawl on the Switch… Soon!

Heart is broken, in the dystopian world of Heart&Slash. No, not hearts. Just Heart. With a capital H. Because it's a robot, and... well, robots break from time to time. In this case it's so bad that, if not for Heart running into Slash (at which point the title actually makes sense!), all hope would likely be lost for this poor mechanical being. Heck, it still might, should he/she/it fail to get the attention of Slash. Poor Heart.
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Cute Aliens Become Creepy Critters in Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets… Soon!

Look, I don't know what the deal is with this professor Lupo fella, but... for some reason he figured it'd be a good idea to travel the galaxy, collecting absolutely horrendous aliens... in the name of profit. What, science? Food first. Professors gotta eat too, and if you don't help him out, chances are he'll be the next meal of his would-be pets. What a way to go.
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