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The 2015 Nordic Game Awards Finalists at a Glance, Indie Edition

Nordic Game 2015

In less than a month, developers from Nordic countries will be celebrated in Malmö, Sweden, at the Nordic Game Awards. Lots of games, lots of categories, lots of fun! Nominations for the New Nordic Indie Sensation 2015 will be playable during Nordic Indie Night after all, so… fun! The other categories, from Best Children’s Game to Best Handheld Game, are purely there for the awards show. Bet ya that’ll be great too, though.

Not gonna lie, I’m kinda excited to see so many developers from my neck of the woods (Denmark) represented this time around. Kinda, as in, big time! If you haven’t spent time sleepwalking in Back to Bed or travelled through time in The Silent Age yet, well, what are you waiting for? Then, just across the eastern border (Sweden), the protagonist of Leo’s Fortune needs your help recovering his gold, while farm animals are skateboarding in Goat Simulator. Crazy indies, eh? And we mustn’t forget about Norway, where Among the Sleep awaits with a terrifying tale, told from the perspective of a toddler! Uncanny.

Now, time for the ‘when’ and ‘where’: this year’s Nordic Game conference will take place between the 20th and 22nd of May at Slagthuset in Malmö, Sweden, during which Leigh Alexander will be hosting the Nordic Game Awards, on the 21nd at 18:00. Nominations have been listed below, with links where appropriate. Good stuff across the board, really.

Best Nordic Game of the Year

Best Nordic Children’s Game

Best Nordic Handheld Game

Best Artistic Achievement

Best Nordic Innovation

New Nordic Indie Sensation 2015
The purpose of this award is to recognise new talent from the Nordic region. The nominated games in this category will be chosen through an application process led by Copenhagen Game Collective, curators of Nordic Indie Night. Eight games will be nominated, and they can be play-tested and voted for by the public during Nordic Indie Night on 20 May.

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