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‘Coin Crypt’ Wants You to be the Very Best Lootmancer by Way of Magical Coin Duels

When ancient ruins are uncovered, more often than not, it leads to fascinating and exciting discoveries. But in the case of Coin Crypt , the findings include a bunch of coins with mysterious powers. This very currency is also used to fend off hostile beings through deadly duels. Oh and the island upon which said ruins lie, is haunted by the dead. Spine-chilling!
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Let's Get It Kickstarted: ‘InnerSpace’

Time to flight suit up and explore worlds on which physics are inverted, searching for relics and other fun stuff, in the name of archaeology. That is, if you're able to survive the encounter with the patron deity of each, because... no quest for historical artefacts is complete without a little danger, ya know?
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‘Screencheat’ Resurrects the Lost Art of Screen Looking by Making Players Invisible

Once upon a time, multiplayer shooters were played offline, with all viewpoints displayed on the same screen. Needless to say, this often lead to so-called 'screen looking', as players would cheat to find the location of their opponent. Not cool. What is cool, however, is that the recently released Screencheat actually emphasises this mechanic, because... everyone's invisible!
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Let's Get It Kickstarted: ‘Red Cobra’

One by one, nations are being occupied by G.R.I.P. (the bad guys). Not cool. As such - unsurprisingly - your job as the Allied Nations (the good guys) is to stop them; maybe prevent a nuclear strike at the same time. Too late to say no because the clock's ticking! Besides, what better way to start the day than with a suicide mission?
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‘Computer Dreams’ Impressions: Collect Dream Jars In Mazes Built Upon Unstable Tiles

One cat, one dream jar, one path, and way too many unstable platforms. These make up your protagonist, objective and obstacle course, in each level of Computer Dreams. Now, since tiles sink once crossed, it's fortunate that you have the power to raise and lower surrounding ones; but only those, and each lowered lets you raise exactly one. Tricky? You bet.
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