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Make ZXy Games: Speccy Jam 2 Is Well Underway

Like a blast from the past, the jam which puts everyone's favorite 8-bit computer (not console) front and center is back. Which? Eh? Why, the ZX Spectrum, of course! Short version: participants have one week to create a game in that flavor - compatibility with ZX Spectrum hardware is not required. Need more details? Keep reading then!
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I Sometimes Dream…: Manipulate the Environment to Puzzle Onwards

Dreams are a strange beast. One that no one truly understands. Yet, somehow, the protagonist in I Sometimes Dream... has found a way to actually control his dreams, instead of simply experiencing them. And not just that - he's also acquired an uncanny ability to copy-paste entire sections, letting him traverse otherwise hazardous or impassable areas without a care.
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Legend of Grimrock II Enters Closed Beta, iOS Port of First Game Still Happening

Feels like forever ago, when the Legend of Grimrock II was first announced. Since then, quite a few details have been shared with the public, including confirmation that players will be able to explore the outdoors, along with a lovely WIP feature list and of course, a bunch of technical stuff. But perhaps more importantly, development has entered beta, which means launch hopefully isn't too far away!
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