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The Debut Bundles Greenlight a Sixteenth Time

Tell me, did you vote? Did you? Have you? Should you? Silly question - of course you should! If nowhere else, then at least cast your vote on one or more Greenlight titles, eh? If you don't feel like browsing the lot, Indie Royale's lined up eight interesting picks; the games themselves bundled and heavily discounted, as is the norm.
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Rhythm Jam: Get Into the Gamedev Groove

About time someone got a jam like this going, I'd say. From Audiosurf to Symphony, there's no shortage of music-driven indie games, but even so, one can never have enough of a good thing, ya know? The only requirement for participation, is to create a rhythm action game as it were; or at least, one that incorporates rhythm-based gameplay. So... let the music play!
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‘Fancy and the Fox’ Impressions: This Town Needs a Heroine Now More Than Ever

The surrounding forests, in which your fiancée has gone missing, are all full of angry spirits. Ugh. Surely nothing else can go wrong, right? Actually... there's the tiny matter of three rather important orbs having disappeared from the town square, and obviously, you alone are able (or willing?) to look for them. Never a dull moment for Fancy, the protagonist of this silent film-ish adventure!
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‘Mount & Blade: Warband’ Celebrates Adding Mac, Linux, Workshop With Free Weekend

As far as medieval warfare goes, in spite of being four years of age, Mount & Blade: Warband is still among the most popular. Don't believe me? It's a good thing the game is free on Steam this weekend then. Not that you'll be able to experience everything on offer before it carries a price tag once more, mind you. There's just so much to do, from plundering villages to waging massive wars - all in the name of... conquest!
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