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Meet The Debut 15 Bundle Greenlight Participants

Tell me, did you vote? Did you? Have you? Should you? Silly question - of course you should! If nowhere else, then at least cast your vote on one or more Greenlight titles, eh? If you don't feel like browsing the lot, Indie Royale's lined up eight interesting picks; the games themselves bundled and heavily discounted, as is the norm.
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‘Flippin’ Phones’ Proves That Ignoring the Non-Digital World Can Be Disastrous

It's hardly a secret that smartphones take up a huge portion of most people's life these days, but in Flippin' Phones, it's bad. Really bad. Everyone's too busy tweeting, checking their email, texting and whatnot, to realize that a terrible disaster is looming on the horizon. Time for someone (spoiler: you) to relieve them of their phones and maybe, just maybe, actually save them. Maybe.
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‘Paper Jekyll’ Impressions: A Two-Dimensional Double Twist On the Classic

Looks like Dr. Jekyll is at it again, as his violent alter-ego, Mr. Hyde, has been spotted on the streets of London; or rather, in his very own stealth-ish platformer. Oh and he's joined by Dr. Jekyll, obviously, as the two have a certain... connection. With a lot of cops, thugs and platforms, standing between Jekyll and his lab, it's your job to help him reach it - without getting caught, that is.
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Indie Quilt: Micro-Game Jam For Charity and the Love of WarioWare

While game jams often like to mix things up, be it in the theme, tool allowed, or other craziness, most do work under at least one constant: each participant - whether it be a team or just one person - get to submit one game, which is then treated as an individual entity. Not so with Indie Quilt. Here, each submission (optionally) becomes part of... wait for it... one big micro-game collection!
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‘Cloud Chap’ Impressions: Where Your Jumpiness Determines Level of Spikiness

Oh boy. Jumping once too many will trigger the wrong spikes, leaving you with nowhere to land, while not being bouncy enough won't make the other color disappear - the ones you actually want to be rid of... temporarily. Cloud Chap is one of those platformers that require both precision, timing and memorization, for without pattern recognition, you won't make it through them colored spike-mazes!

‘Chronology’ Review

As history has proven time and time again, amazing things can happen when science is involved, but due to the greed of man, the exact opposite is also a likely scenario. In Chronology, it's unfortunately a case of the latter, as an uncanny quest for power has resulted in the end of the world! That's the bad news. The good news is that... you're able to manipulate time. Because, what could possibly go wrong?
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‘8bit Doves’ Impressions: Flap Those Wings to Collect Birds, Traverse Mazelike Corridors

Just to set the record straight, 8bit Doves is not another Flappy Bird clone. For starters, you can fly in circles, rather than just up or down, and instead of being score-based, there are actual levels to beat. It's anything but easy though, as the physics engine is almost too fond of dragging you down... towards a level ending crash. Oh and there are doves to collect as well, because, birds!
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Full Version of Unity For PS Mobile, Vita Finally Released

Remember a couple of months ago, when news of this awesome addition to the ever-growing list of Unity supported platforms surfaced? Well, back then, the version available was a mere preview build, having features like publishing disabled while still allowing aspiring developers to mess around. But now... the full version has arrived, and guess what? Still 100% free! Good stuff.
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‘Gunpoint’ Moves to a New Engine, Adds Steam Workshop, Celebrates With Huge Sale

To say that this has been a long time coming would be a huge understatement. Not that the lack of Steam Workshop meant fans were unable to share their Gunpoint creations, but let's face it - the less hassle, the better. On top of that, the game is powered by GameMaker Studio now(as opposed to GameMaker 8). Something which, among other things, should make for an overall smoother experience.
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Unity Developers Rejoice: PlayStation 4 Has Joined the List of Supported Platforms

At this point, there's little doubt that 2014 is shaping up to be a great year for Unity developers and Sony fans alike. A couple of months back, upcoming [Unity] support for PS Mobile and PS Vita porting was announced, which is awesome in its own right. But yesterday, something that's bound to interest even more aspiring game crafters happened: Unity 4.3 for PlayStation 4 was released!
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‘Surfenstein’ Impressions: Frankenstein Gets Tricky On a Surfboard With Groovy Controls

Never imagined anyone would be crazy enough to attempt something like this. I mean, Frankenstein... surfing?! It works surprisingly well though, once you get over the initial weirdness of how it all controls, along with the fact that smashing into a penguin is an instant game over. Yup. Frankenstein is no match for penguins. Who'd have thought?
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