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GameMaker: Studio 1.3 Lets PlayStation Developers Publish For Free On PS3, PS4, Vita

Stealth Bastard Deluxe
Licensed PlayStation developers who don't mind using a pre-existing engine to work their magic and create games on Sony's hardware sure have it good right now. The release of GameMaker 1.3 lets PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita developers publish on those systems... for free! Unity users haven't been forgotten either, as a similar deal will go live later this year, albeit only on PlayStation Mobile and Vita Neat, eh? You bet ya!
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Growing Pains Review

Growing Pains
Being able to alter your size in a 2D platformer is nothing new (Super Mario Bros. anyone?), but Growing Pains pulls off this particular feat, in a way so that it still feels fresh. Fresh and challenging. Oh so very challenging. With finite lives and a constant growth spurt, you'll be facing not only environmental hazards, but the clock as well!
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The LootCastle Impressions: Protect the Skeleton King by Manipulating Skill Trees

The LootCastle
Well I'll be... looks like someone finally put a clever twist on the tired tower defense formula. There's no units to plot down on the battlefield and the route for enemies to traverse is incredibly basic. Normally that would make for quite the snorefest, but thanks to clever gameplay mechanics, The LootCastle manages to set itself apart from the norm, and in a great way too.
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The Public Domain Jam: Public Domain Stories, Characters Made Games

The Public Domain Jam 2014
Zombies. They're everywhere. In video games, movies, music, books, you-name-it. It's completely out of control, and why is that exactly? Because they're free to use! Okay so that's hardly the only reason, but I'm sure it's high on the list. Anyway, as Gritfish notes on the website, the undead horde is but one of many freely available characters, and as such, the one-week Public Domain Jam came to be!
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Ludum Dare 29 Went Beneath the Surface to Make 2497 Games, Winners Announced

On the weekend of April 25th-28th, a lot of developers braved the underworld and went beneath the surface... to take part in Ludum Dare 29. From deep-sea exploration to mining, surfing and other fun things, people sure came up with some creative interpretations of this particular theme. But that was almost a month ago, and late last night, votes were tallied, winners picked!
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The Sun And Moon: Fling Yourself Through Solid Matter to Collect Shinies

The Sun And Moon
Remember how most platformers has you racing across the ground, jumping over gaps, bound by certain rules? Yeah, not in this one. Here, you're gifted with the power to slingshot through solid matter, building momentum to reach crazy heights! You do still have to watch out for environmental hazards though, and falling out of the level will end your little treasure hunt rather abruptly.
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#LOWREZJAM 2014 Is the Nostalgia Trip of Game Jams

You know, I often find myself wondering what crazy idea game jam organizers are going to come up with... and now something like this has come along! Ain't every day a jam celebrates the distant past with what's essentially a huge pixel party. Darn shame, because while low-res visuals aren't for everyone, there's no denying that they do carry a certain charm.
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The Creature of the Depths Must Feed his Sheep Through Stealthy Hunting

The Creature of the Depths Must Feed his Sheep
Keeping your family fed is rarely an easy task, and in this case it can actually be downright lethal! I'm not entirely sure what this disturbingly black creature is doing feeding orange humanoids to sheep, but that's besides the point. All you need to know is that they'll shoot you on sight, so to capture (for lack of a better term) the lot, stealth must be applied.
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Enjoy a Slice of Royal Cheese With Five Debut Bundlers

indie royale royal cheese-
Was honestly considering skipping this one, but then I noticed something: not one of its games are prior... bundlers. Anyone who's keeping track of which bundles has likely noticed that there are a lot of repeats nowadays. Why is that exactly? I mean, surely there are plenty unbundled (it's a word) indie games? Right? Indie Royale managed to dig up five after all!
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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Brave Adventurers: AGS Bake Sale 2 Is Upon Us

AGS Bake Sale 2
From out of nowhere, everyone's favorite bundle has returned! Which, you ask? Why the AGS Bake Sale of course. It's easily one of the most interesting, but sadly also rather uncommon. Last time it popped up was back in 2012, with most games becoming freeware little more than a year later. Will the same happen to this aptly dubbed sequel? What does it contain? How long is it available? Only one way to find out!
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