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Mix a Third Mix and Mix It Good With The Mixer 3 Bundle

indie royale the mixer 3 bundle-
A third mix, eh? Looks like Indie Royale's really... putting them in the mix! No? Nothing? Alrighty then. Lineup's definitely interesting though, headlined - in my opinion - by the zany Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and the awesome Gateways. Do I really need to say that you should totally grab this bundle? Fine: you should totally grab this bundle!
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Hextraction Kickstarter: Strip Planets of Their Resources For Profit and Glory

Time to play the bad guy! Hextraction literally lets you strip entire planets of their resources without a care for their inhabitants. Too evil? Well, tasked with recovery of phantom energy from a hostile location, needless to say, you really can't afford to play the diplomat card. Every advantage is vital, because... once a crew member dies, he/she is gone forever. No second chances. War truly is hell.
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The Indie Post: Point, Click and Grand Tales Unfold

the indie post point click tales-
That the point 'n' click genre has made a comeback in recent years is hardly news to anyone. But why is that, exactly? A lot of typical genre mechanics have aged incredibly poorly, including item manipulation and illogical puzzles, both of which haunts even the most popular titles. In spite of that, the stories such games often tell through artistic imagery, captivating dialogue and haunting music, all make this my favorite genre, bar none. Welcome to The Indie Post.
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The Trading Cards Bundle Packs Fifteen Games For Aspiring Collectors

Blink Bundle The Trading Cards Bundle
Woo, Steam trading cards! Actually, that's fake enthusiasm, as (for now) they don't really serve much purpose. That doesn't diminish the quality of the contents of this bundle though! With heavy hitters like To The Moon, Really Big Sky, Oknytt and Skyward Collapse, this is one of them hard-to-ignore deals for sure. Also, trading cards, because... people love those, whether they'll admit it or not.
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Blackwell Epiphany Review

Blackwell Epiphany
Being a medium ain't easy at the best of times, as proven by Rosa Blackwell on several occasions. Aided by Joey Mallone, she's braved Hell and high waters to help countless lost spirits move on. It's pretty much become a way of life for this uncanny duo, although this time, the rules have changed as one after another, newly born spirits are torn apart! Who, or what, could be behind such a sinister act?
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Blackwell Deception Review

Blackwell Deception
Everyone's favorite spirit guiding duo, Rosa Blackwell and Joey Mallone, are at it again and this time it's personal, as a call from an old friend in need, kicks off another dangerous adventure. Psychics, theft, detective work, nightclubs and obscure brainteasers all make up this supernatural fourth Blackwell game. Never a dull moment!
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Interactive Fiction Time: Spring Thing 2014 Entries Playable, Ready For Voting

From simple choice-driven text-based tales to expansive choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks, interactive fiction is becoming increasingly popular. So much in fact, that entire competitions revolve around this particular video game genre. It's also one that's easy to get into for aspiring developers, since in theory, all you really need is the ability to write a coherent story with a bunch of twists and turns. Certainly easier than piecing together, say, a first person shooter.
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The Indie Post: Why Post-Launch Reviews Matter

the indie post post-launch reviews-
Launch reviews are not as uncommon as they used to be when talking indie games, and that's definitely a good thing as they offer potential customers insight that isn't based on trailers and/or details from the developer. But what about those published x weeks, months or even years later? Well, believe it or not, I've found that these actually benefits developers and fans even more! Welcome to The Indie Post.
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Beat Hazard Expands With ‘Shadow Operations Unit’ DLC, Steam Workshop

Beat Hazard (Shadow Operations Unit DLC)
It's been more than four years since players first got a taste of the music-driven twin-stick shooting that is Beat Hazard, and yet the post-launch support is still going strong. Impressive. What's even more impressive though, is that the Shadow Operations Unit DLC - which could easily be mistaken for a mini-expansion - adds a lot of content to an already fun-filled twin stick shooter.
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Control Traffic to Prevent Horrendous Pileups In Road Rage

Road Rage
I wanted to be many things when I grew up, but man, traffic officer was definitely not one of them. Having seen how awful some people are at driving, to be standing in the middle of it all, keeping the peace as it were? No thanks. It does make for a fun video game though, complete with traffic lights to regulate, drivers that have absolutely no patience, and of course... crashes. That is, unless you do your job!
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Arcen Games Returns to Sci-Fi Strategy With the Release of The Last Federation

The Last Federation
Being the last surviving member of an entire race sucks. Doesn't matter if your kin were a bunch of ruthless dictators or not. Well, maybe a little, as you probably had it coming then. That said, such an event does tend to make people want to change and as such, you've got a choice to make: do you attempt to unify the other races, or simply exterminate them, in this turn-based space strategy?
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Interplanetary Alpha (Early Access): Time to Wage War On a Galactic Scale

Interplanetary (alpha)
If history has taught us anything, it's that war never changes. Generally speaking, anway, as both the battlefield and participants tend to vary from conflict to conflict. In the case of Interplanetary, mankind has somehow managed to reach the point where we're capable of waging war on a massive scale. Nation against nation? So last century. Planet vs planet is all the rage now, and you... get to play the part of armchair general.
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Groundskeeper2: Blast Pesky Aliens In This Funky Arcadey Shooter

You'd think those darn alien invaders would have given up by now, but alas, that is not the case as they're still going at it. Fortunately for mankind, a purple-haired ponytail-sportin' girl is more than ready to kick some you-know-what, and send those bastards packin'. With all kinds of crazy weaponry available, courtesy of a seemingly mentally unstable inventor, it's time to rock and roll!
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Full Steam Ahead For The Greenlight Train, Carrying Seventy-Five Passengers

Doubt anyone's surprised to see this, given the - by now - obvious bi-weekly greenlighting schedule. That's not a bad thing by any stretch though, as I'm sure those who made it through this time would also say. As far as its contents go, well, let's just say more than a few are no longer Stuck In Greenlight Limbo! Also, 75 is such a nice number, so... woo? Definitely woo!
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Greenlight Just Got Debut 12 Bundled

indie royale the debut 12 bundle-
Let's get ready to GREEEEEEEEENLIGT! Eight games! Twelfth Greenlight-centric bundle from long-time bundlers, Indie Royale! I dare say they've picked a bunch of relatively unknown titles this time too. This is a good thing, obviously, as more often than not, those are in fact the ones most desperate for votes! That's right: remember... to... vote! Exclamation marks! YEAH!
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