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Prometheus – The Fire Thief Blends Nostalgia With Greek Mythology

Prometheus - The Fire Thief
Who's in the mood for a pixelated Metroidvania? Well, here's to hoping you are at least, because Prometheus - The Fire Thief is exactly one such. It's a game which draws heavily on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, complete with a healthy dose of Greek mythology in the form of both power-ups, locations and... wait for it... boss battles. Indeed. Have fun getting your you-know-what kicked by the mighty hydra; to name but one of many nasties that you shall have to best in combat!
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You Have To Win The Game Sequel Announced, Original Getting Cat DLC

Super Win the Game
Remember the amazing CGA-style platformer You Have to Win the Game? No? Fair enough - it has been a few years since it saw the light of day after all. As such, I'd say it's high time for a sequel, and as it turns out, a sequel we shall have... soon-ish. Unlike You Have to Win the Game however, Super Win the Game won't be free, and as indicated by the above screenshot, its visual style is certainly slightly more… modern.
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Chester United Demo Lets You Defy Gravity, Slow Time, Blast Bad Guys

Chester United 2014 Spring demo
To claim that nothing is as it seems in this Chester United demo, would be a huge understatement. I mean, you literally have the ability to reshape reality, which causes all sorts of neat things to happen! Platforms moving too fast? Switch to Sketch style! Having a rough time with turrets? Use Chester's ability to slow time! You'll need to use these and plenty other fancy tricks to tip the odds in your favor.
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Leave Enemies Alive to Set a Low Score In Weapons of Minimal Destruction

Weapons of Minimal Destruction
Where the goal of most arena shooters is to rack up points by blasting enemies, in Weapons of Minimal Destruction it's the other way around, as you'll want to lose points rather than gain them! Because of this, trying to set a low score as opposed to a high and all, I'd recommend keeping your guns holstered, racing around like there's no tomorrow, dodging instead of destroying. Tricky? You bet ya.
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Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell Review

Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell
Like so many other classic horror tales, this one takes place on a dark and stormy night. On your way home, fate decides to intervene by sending your car into a ditch. Seeing how the nearest garage is out of walking distance, your best bet is to head for the old house just up ahead. If only you knew what that place has in store for you, that… House of Hell.
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The Indie Post: After the Game Jam

the indie post after the game jam-
There's no doubt that deadlines are a pain in the you-know-what. Even more so for game jam participants, because this is when they either strut their stuff or... leave the creation unpublished. But whether successful or not, for many, the jam is simply the early stages of a project. One that will continue to evolve long past said deadline! Welcome to The Indie Post.
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The Nightmare Cooperative Is Quite the Lethal Simultanious Turn-Based RPG

The Nightmare Cooperative
I have no idea why any of my characters were so willing to die for their cause. Not that it stopped me from pressing onwards though. Monsters got bashed, traps were skillfully avoided and gold was grabbed greedily, as I maneuvered my little party around the battlefield. But sooner or later, everyone always ended up dead; often just a few levels from the finale. Darn shame.
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Explore the Deep Blue With Aquatic Indie Games, Support World Water Day

Indie Royale The World Water Day Bundle
Yay, Indie Royale have (kinda) boarded the charity train! Actually, I'm not sure if the World Water Day (via. Playmob) is a charity as such, but it's definitely worthy of some support, and I for one am glad they're doing just that. It's no secret that resource consumption is a global issue after all, so what better way to aid it than by bundling aquatic themed indie games for cheap?
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Fight Cyber Crime On a Budget With The Hacker Bundle

The Hacker Bundle
Chances are, this is most likely your best shot at actively participating in the ongoing war against online terrorism; not to mention the safest, being video games and all. It's hacker against hacker in a virtual world where your day job consists of bypassing security systems, committing theft and bargaining shady deals. Won't be easy or risk-free, and sooner or later... you'll have no choice but to get your hands dirty.
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First ID@Xbox Games Batch Revealed, Has a Few Familiar Faces

Xbox One GDC 2014
It's been a long time coming, but now the Xbox One is almost ready for some indie loving. This initial batch of consists of 25 titles from as many developers, and consists of a mix of exclusives and ports of old(er) games. But does it really matter if a game was released on the Xbox One first, so long as the developer didn't botch the port? Plus, some of these are bound to be more enjoyable on a big screen, behind firmly planted on couch, controller in hand; so there's that if nothing else.
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Construct Silhouettes With Shadowy Building Blocks In Umbragram

Don't ya just love when a game does something new and interesting with a tired game type? In this case it's block puzzlers, as Umbragram replaces the typical block pushing/pulling/sliding mechanic with something completely different: build two structures based on silhouette blueprints in each level, while making sure no shadows are cast outside the marked areas. How's that for a different brainteaser, eh?
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The Indie Post: Inside the Mind of a Roguelike

the indie post roguelikes-
Permadeath sucks! There is no other way to put it. In spite of that, it's something many willingly face to play their favorite roguelike, myself included. Have we gone crazy, willing to lose everything upon death? Aye, completely bonkers! But seriously, with another 7DRL wrapped up this past weekend, I kinda got to thinking: why create the evilness that is a roguelike, and what drives players towards such chaotic a risk vs. reward system? Welcome to The Indie Post.
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The Debut Bundle Cranks Greenlight Up To 11

Indie Royale The Debut 11 Bundle
Let's hear it for another batch of Steam candidates! This one's got racing, strategy, retro craziness, and of course, horror - no bundle is complete without at least one horror title after all. But if Valve keeps their promise, Indie Royale will soon be without their Debut series... when Greenlight ends, later this year! Something something dramatic music.
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Humble Bundle of Love Has Lots of Great Games, Supports Cancer Research

Humble Bundle of Love
I remember when bundles were considered big if they discounted 5-6 games in a pay-what-you-want sale. Nowadays it's all beat-the-average and whatnot, with bundles growing ever bigger, and this one... has a lot of great titles. A LOT! It's for a proper good cause too, since "all proceeds will go directly to the Brandon Boyer Cancer Treatment Relief fund". Suck it, cancer!
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