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Reunite An Octopus Family In the Airscape: The Fall of Gravity Demo

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity demo
Finally a game that doesn't task you with saving the world, eh? Not that rescuing the family of this particular octopus is going to be a walk in the park though, because there's a robot invasion problem to deal with as well, and believe me, these guys mean business - one hit and you're dead. No way to fight back either, so it's a good thing that gravity is on your side, allowing you to go planet hopping, Super Mario Galaxy style. Super Octopus to the rescue!
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Pick a Class, Roll the Dice, Quest With Friend and Foe Alike In Talisman: Digital Edition

Talisman: Digital Edition
Since we've already seen video game adaptations of Blood Bowl, Warhammer, Space Hulk and other popular Games Workshop board games from yesteryear, it was just a matter of time before Talisman joined the lot. Following the single player-centric Talisman: Prologue from back in 2013, its multiplayer counterpart, Talisman: Digital Edition, has finally arrived - grab a friend (or two or three) and get to questing!
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tricone lab Alpha Lets You Solve Microbiology Puzzles, No Prior Experience Required

Ah, microbiology. The study of tiny organisms, for… science! In the case of tricone, it's all about hands-on research, as you synthesize tricones (get it?) while avoiding a variety of obstacles. Wait, don't panic (yet). The process is nowhere near as complex as one might think, and the game does a suitable job of teaching the ropes. Oh right, failing might result in employment termination. Feel free to panic.
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Brutal Roguelike Steam Marines Updated With Mod Support, New Boss

Steam Marines (0.8.6a)
Permadeath, an evil AI, lots of asskicking (on either side), procedurally generated content, frequent updates, a developer who's off his rocker. There. I just described Steam Marines, and following a recent update, believe it or not, mod support is now a thing. Not gonna lie: I'm really looking forward to messing around with this stuff. So many variables. SO MUCH TO TWEAK (and potentially break)!
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Trace Vector Goes Early 1980s Line-Racing With a Few Modern Twists

Trace Vector
Retro-styled indie games are a dime a dozen these days, with their fancy 8-bit visuals, brutal difficulty and whatnot. While Trace Vector is also clearly inspired by games of yesteryear, it goes further back than most, in that it actually uses vector graphics (hence the name). You remember those, right? Lunar Lander? Tempest? No? Anyway… time to race through 2D obstacle courses like it's 1981 all over again!
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The Indie Post: Bundle Fatigue Revisited

The Indie Post Bundle Fatigue Revisited
Bundles are great, and for so many reasons. People get games for cheap, developers enjoy a sales (and exposure) boost - what could possibly go wrong? Well, following a bundle-crazed week, I'm inclined to say that there is such a thing as too much bundling. But while I do enjoy the discounts, I can't help but feel that all this cheap-as-dirt gaming goodness is not without certain… downsides. Welcome to The Indie Post.
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SHMUP Evil Aliens, Rescue Stranded Survivors In Thrust-Controlled Retrobooster

Where most genre entries either constantly scrolls the screen horizontally or vertically, Retrobooster handles a bit differently, instead taking a cue from the arcade classic Lunar Lander. That's right: thrust controls, although without the silly single-screen restriction. See, provided you can survive long enough, there's plenty to see and do. Stuff needs to be blown up, there are puzzles to solve, survivors begging to be rescued... and so on. Just be careful not to crash, as you can only take so much damage and needless to say, blowing up is a major progress hindrance.
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Blink Bundle Claims to Have Uncovered a Bunch of Hidden Gems

Blink Bundle The Hidden Gems
How's that for a bold claim, eh? Although with the likes of Vox, Little Racers STREET and Kairo partaking in this lineup, I'm inclined to agree that these are in fact hidden gems. Not overly familiar with the rest though, so... hard to say for sure. Whatever the case, like their initial outing, this one is also quite Steam-centric. Nothing wrong with that, right? Heck, I'm sure lots of people actually prefer it that way.
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The Indie Post: Playing to Critique vs. Just Playing

The Indie Post
For the longest time, I've wondered if we perceive the contents of a video game differently, depending on our reason for playing it. I'm not talking about joining a friend because he/she needs a co-op buddy or such scenarios. No, what's currently weighing on my mind is how the experience differs when playing a game to critique it as opposed to, well, just playing it. Welcome to The Indie Post.
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