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10 Review: Numbered Blocks Plus Sliding Equals Fun Times

Math is either be incredibly boring or immensely entertaining - there's no middle ground. In the case of mobile puzzler 10, it's easily the latter. Sliding numbered blocks together until their sum is exactly ten (or in some cases, zero) may not sound like the most exciting thing ever. But don't worry, because that's just the core mechanic - there's definitely more than meets the eye to this game of numbers.
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Save the Potato, Save the world. Is All About Collecting Super-Sized Spuds

Save the Potato, Save the world.
Four potatoes, each almost the size of my entire body. What were they thinking, whoever genetically engineered these things?! Also, how on Earth will the world be saved by collecting them? Oh, right: video game. Anyway, considering how difficult transporting them is, someone better turn the lot into delicious chips once everything's said and done!
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Traverse the Unknown Reaches In The Intergalactic Trashman Pre-Alpha

The Intergalactic Trashman
Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of a garbage collector (aka. the player), on a quest to find out what happened to his partner who one day simply vanished. It won't be an easy or simple search & rescue mission though, because as one might imagine, he's far from alone out there. Space pirates lurk around every corner, looking for shipwrecks to sell as scrap… including yours, if you're not careful!
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Obscura Lets You Write the Scoop However You Want, Truth or Not

Being a reporter ain't always easy and it's definitely not all rainbows and unicorns. However sad and morbid, a dead body is still a potential scoop, and that's exactly what you'll be dealing with in Obscura. Although in an odd (or clever?) twist, you're not even remotely bound by journalistic integrity. The truth, the story… well, it's whatever you want it to be!
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The Indie Post: Don’t Underestimate the Value of Bite-Sized Indie Games

the indie post bite-sized indie games-
Nowadays, people are constantly rushing off somewhere, trying to get things done before they even started. It's beyond crazy and potentially hazardous! On top of that, there seems to be little for sitting down to relax with a good book, watch a movie or even play video games. Probably why more than a few developers have taken to crafting compact experiences, titles that won't take weeks to beat, while still enjoyable. Welcome to The Indie Post.
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Heroes of Steel Impressions: Fun Tactical Fantasy RPG With a Story to Tell

Heroes of Steel
Being locked up in a prison cell is hardly ideal, no matter who you are. Even less for these four adventurers who, according to themselves, have done nothing wrong! So after a few minutes of chit-chat and some lock picking, the mad dash to freedom begins. Guards, spiders, and other nasties shall not stand in the way of their escape… no matter how fool hearted their plan.
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Action Platformer Shin Samurai Jazz Is Old-School Demon Slicing Fun

Shin Samurai Jazz
Actions speaks louder than words. A phrase almost older than time itself, and one that certainly rings true for Shin Samurai Jazz. I mean, the game is 40% action, 50% platforming, and 10% story/dialogue. Just like in the good old days! Who needs a bunch of chatty NPC's anyway, when you're able to (almost) fly like an eagle, slicing bad guys left and right with crazy air juggles? Exactly.
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Explore the Human Psyche In the Out-of-Body Experience of Unit 44

Unit 44
War. War never changes. Neither does mankind, much as I'd love to think otherwise. We'll always be driven by our needs, fueled by our desires. This can be both good and bad, especially when science is part of the equation, as is the case in Unit 44. As the disembodied version of Jonathan, an Allied soldier, it's your duty to figure out how you ended up in this lab, and exactly what is going on.
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A Wizard’s Lizard Review

A Wizards Lizard
Hell-bent on resurrecting his lost love, a wizard has conjured a concoction so powerful, it lets him control life and death. He should have known better though, and to exactly no one's surprise, Death catches wind of this and curses the entire town! All because of one lovestruck fool. As such, it has fallen upon you to find a solution to this peculiar pickle. But can you? Will you? Should you? Duh! Of course you should.
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IGF 2014 Main Competition Finalists Offered Free Pass Through Greenlight

IGF 2014
For those of you keeping score at home, that's a total of 23 games which will never have to spend time in the cold emptiness of Greenlight, as they get to skip not only the fee, but the entire thing. Some finalists are already on Steam though, like Papers, Please, The Stanley Parable and Don't Starve. But as for the rest, I have a feeling most won't be able to pass up such an opportunity.
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Go Dungeon Delving In Heroes of a Broken Land, Restore a Shattered World

Heroes of a Broken Land
Wizards. Never did trust them, and in this case, my suspicions were well-founded. They grew so powerful that in the end, unsurprisingly, it corrupted them along with the entire world, shattering it into several fragments. Now, the few surviving [wizards] have tasked you with gathering heroes to fix this mess; instead of, you know, dealing with it themselves. Curse those robed hoodlums!
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