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The 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest Winner(s) at a Glance

Remnants of Isolation

It sure took the judges a while to get this one, well, judged. Then again, they were dealing with more than eight-hundred games, so I guess they’re excused. Just this once. Anyway, here we are, with victors decided upon among RPG and non-RPG, alongside bonus picks like Most Shared and Judges’ Choice.

As some of you have likely guessed, based on the screenshot above, the grand prize of $10,000 went to… Remnants of Isolation! Something tells me its creator is very pleased with him/herself at the moment, as coming out on top amongst so many other entries is no mean feat. In fact, a deluxe version with additional content was made available in early September, long before votes were tallied. Bonus points for effort, right there.

Now, I did cover a handful of submissions myself, and while the contest is over, there are still Indie Game Maker Contest impressions pieces to write, time willing. Alas, like I’ve said in the past: so many games, so little time!

We are excited to the announce the winners for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. Over the past two months the review team has judged over 800 games developed for this competition.

Getting back to the topic at hand, there were also RPG Winners, Non-RPG Winners, Judges’ Choice, Humble Bundle Choice, and even Most Shared, with Most Buzzing right next to it. Suffice to say, this particular video game development contest had more than a few victors! Oh and best of all, the lot is free, so by all means, take a glance.

In case you’re only interested in the various winners, this is the page to visit. Might be easier than going through every last one, unless you have that much free time of course, and/or absolutely love quality indie games without a price tag. Just saying.