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The 7th Debut Bundle Discounts as Many Greenlight Games

Indie Royale Debut 7
It's no secret at this point that I'm a pretty big supporter of Greenlight. But it's by no means a perfect system, and it does prevent - or in most cases, it simply delays the process - a lot of indie developers from getting their game on Steam. Not cool. As such, it's great to see Indie Royale's debut series help lesser-knowns gather votes, by bundling a select few submissions for cheap.
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Jason the Greek Is On a Pointy and Clicky Quest For the Golden Fleece

Jason the Greek
If you weren't asleep in history class, I'm sure the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece is a familiar tale. Although while this pointy and clicky adventure focuses on that very myth, it's far from historically accurate. For starters, Jason - its protagonist - is a nonsensical mix of James T. Kirk (Star Trek) and Zapp Brannigan (Futurama), zany monologues and all. Oh boy.
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Mr. Bree+ Is the Tale of an Amnesia Struck Pig On a Quest to Save His Family

Mr. Bree+
Ain't easy being a family pig, and in Mr. Bree's case, it's downright troublesome. During his escape from captivity, something (or someone?) caused him to forget, well, everything. Jumping? Ducking? Crouching? No chance. With your help, he might not only recover from this trauma however, but also find his family and make it home in one piece. Or maybe not… it's a journey filled with perilous hazards, after all.
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Charity-Centric Bundle In A Box Announced With Indie Dev Grant

Indie Dev Grant
Wow. The strategic Bundle In A Box ended not long ago, yet another is already in the making. Looks like someone's working overtime on the creation of cardboard boxes these days. Seriously though, Kyttaro Games will be bringing a charity-centric bundle this time around, and… well, that's all they were willing to share at this point. But hey, that means there's a new Indie Dev Grant!
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Help Lost Souls Reach the Afterlife In Demon Drum With the Help of Ghosts

Demonic Drum
Demons are usually a vile bunch, fueled by mischief and chaos. Not so here, as he/she/it is actually a good guy. Kinda. Equipped with a magical drum that allows you to control ghosts, your task is simple: find lost souls and carry them to the afterlife. There, they will (hopefully) find peace... or eternal damnation. Either way, they need to be sent packing, so get ready to bang that drum!
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The Indie Post: Reaching Out to the Press Ain’t Easy

The Indie Post
Since my affairs in game development have never proved fruitful, I've always been on the receiving end of press releases and related emails. As such, it wasn't until recently that I fully realized how daunting it can be, reaching out to someone with your game, asking for coverage. Time being limited and all, you'll also have to make your pitch as awesome as possible, so they'll feature your creation over someone elses. Don't let any of that stop you though! Remember: he who dares, wins. Welcome to The Indie Post.
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Demolish Strongholds In Blasted Fortress to Ensure a Tribe’s Prosperity

Blasted Fortress
I know what you're thinking, but don't. Just don't. This is not another uninspired clone. If anything, Blasted Fortress looks to be a genuine improvement on a very tired genre. Don't believe me? Well, does the bird flinger have online multiplayer, a true sense of progression, resource management, a level editor, and other things to keep it from getting stale and repetitive? No, but this one does.
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The Indie Post: Show Some Love For the Underdogs

tip underdogs-
I'm not gonna lie. My preference when picking games for coverage is definitely those with somewhere between next-to-none and little exposure. That's not to say I dislike indies who have made it big. Quite the opposite in fact, as I think it's great when that happens. But seeing how those guys are not exactly starving for attention (anymore), I've decided to focus mostly on lesser-knowns instead; the underdogs, as it were. Welcome to The Indie Post.
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