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Ice Escape Preview: Puzzle a Trio of Prehistoric Creatures to Safety

Ice Escape
In order for this uncanny trio to escape the glacier, teamwork is mandatory. Peter is the only one who can swim, Mohawk can push boulders, and Tori… let’s just say she has a way with fire. Remember: no prehistoric creature is more important than the other, make the most of their abilities, plan accordingly, and maybe you’ll be able to slide safely through Ice Escape.
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Boson X Review

Boson X
Particle discovery. Not exactly the most exciting thing, but that’s the core of Boson X. Fortunately what it’s actually about is running as fast as you can, jumping between platforms and building up enough energy for a collision of epic proportions to… discover particles! I do believe science just got a lot more interesting (and fast-paced).
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Blackwell Convergence Review

Blackwell Convergence
What starts like most other days for Rosa and Joey, takes a turn for the worse when a series of mysterious deaths occur. Who, or what, could be behind such madness? What is the significance of the mysterious lady in Rosa’s dreams? The stakes are higher than ever, in this third part of the Blackwell saga.
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Can You Escape the 80 Seconds Cave Before Time Runs Out?

80 Seconds Cave
Life is full of choices, often forcing us to think on our feet and perform split-second decisions, because everything's moving at such a fast pace. While 80 Seconds Cave isn't all about sprinting and performing crazy precision platforming, the fact that your available time and lives are finite in this 2D platformer, does mean you have to move swiftly with little time to stop and think… or, die trying.
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Cognition: Episode 2 Continues the Supernatural Detective Saga On iPad

Cognition: Episode 2 iPad
At first glance, Erica Reed may seem like your typical FBI agent, solving crimes by way of standard detective work. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll notice something seemingly supernatural, as touching an object allows Erica a glimpse of the past! In this second episode, time is literally of the essence, as she attempts to thwart the plans of a ruthless serial killer.
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Randal’s Monday Throws a Sociopath Into a Time Loop With a Cursed Ring

Randal's Monday
When two people get engaged, it’s not uncommon to spend a night out in celebratory glory. Although needless to say, had Matt and Sally known about the chain of events Randal would set in motion, they would not have invited him. But what’s done is done, and the next morning, Randal wakes to find himself in possession of… his friend’s engagement ring! Oh, did I mention it’s cursed?
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[Update: Greenlit] Stuck In Greenlight Limbo: A Walk in the Dark

A Walk in the Dark
While most are probably familiar with Steam’s Greenlight service at this point, I doubt many are aware of exactly how many games are still on it, starving for votes so that one day they too may find their way onto Steam. As such, I’ve decided to put a bunch of them in the spotlight with this article series, in an attempt to help them escape the cold emptiness of Greenlight limbo.
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Cole Slaw Changes the Rules of Footracing to Allow Violent Behaviour

Cole Slaw
I never did understand how people could get so riled up about a footrace. It’s just people running after all, nothing exciting about that… until Cole Slaw came along and changed everything! Why work up a sweat overtaking someone, when you can resort to violence instead? Oh, you also have to deal with spiders, golf carts and other obstacles. Ready, set, go!
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Crank It Up to Eleven With FTL, Monaco and More In Game Music Bundle 5

Game Music Bundle 5
Is there anything better than indie games? Well, no, but one thing is as good at least: their soundtracks, and my playlist will gladly back that claim up, with Gunslugs, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, QbQbQb and many other. Unfortunately for you, none of those are in Game Music Bundle 5. But since its contents are still nothing short of stellar, do crank up those speakers and join me in the mix.
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Nothing In 3LIND Will Make Sense Until You Let It

Most games tend to start with some boring tutorial or at the very least, a brief moment in which the core mechanics are explained; especially when new mechanics are introduced. Not so with this one. Here, you’re entirely on your own, and guess what? This game makes a habit out of changing the rules between each level, so prepare to leave your comfort zone and enter 3LIND.
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Sloth Patrol Impressions: Defeat the Evil Possum Empire In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Sloth Patrol
My name is Julio Treewalker and I am a fighter pilot for the Sloth Rebels. Apparently I’m also either the best they have, or the only one stupid enough to never say “no”, because I always get sent on suicide missions against the Possum Empire. This one time, I even went up against a warship! That’s right. A single Sloth, against– aw who am I kidding? It was a battle for the ages!
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CATDAMMIT! Is Ready to Wreak Havoc, Chainsaw-Wielding Cat Included

It’s a mystery how developers get the crazy ideas for some of the games we’ve seen over the years, and this is no exception. Maybe catnip was involved? Whatever the reason, CATDAMMIT! is a completely over-the-top destroy-everything-in-your-path game, where you play as Roman, a milcoholic cat, hell-bent on wreaking havoc across Catville. Why? Simply put: cursed chainsaw. That’s right. They exist. Look it up.
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Stunt Runner Use Props to Help (or Hinder) a Stunt Actor’s Relaunched Career

Ah, video games. The best (and arguably safest) way to live out crazy fantasies. I’d rather be the stunt actor than the director, but that’s not the hand you’re dealt in Stunt Runner. Being in the director’s chair does mean you get to call the shots though, on… everything! Time to give Smash Johnson, former stunt actor, a shot at reliving his glory days.
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Build a Doujin Bundle From a Lineup of Seven Great Games

Now this is definitely an interesting change from the norm for Groupees: a bundle featuring nothing but Japanese creations (with an English language option). From fast-paced action in Croixleur to turn-based strategy in War of the Human Tanks, this one packs plenty of variety; in fact, there’s even a couple of visual novels and a 2D fighter! Bet you’ll easily find a few worth grabbing from this particular lineup.
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